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In ancient time, Zircon was known as “Hyacinth”. Perhaps, it is the most undervalued stones among other colorful and sparkling stones. These crystals are very popular due to their colorless effect, as it closely resembles diamonds and are used in jewelry and ornamentation. Clear and transparent, Zircon is a natural mineral made from pure Zirconium Silicate. The intense gleam and strong sparkles provide this stone a magnificent appearance.

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Where is Zircon found?

Gem-quality crystals are usually found as shingles in alluvial deposits. For over 2000 years, Sri Lanka has been a source of gem material and other places includes Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and France.

Healing Properties

Zircon has a wide range of healing properties and becomes an effective stone for the wearer.

  • Physical Healer

Zircon has an anti-spasmodic effect on the liver and gall bladder of the wearer. Although, its calming effect on asthma and allergies is one of the most beneficial property of Zircon.

These crystals also have some beneficial effect on lung infections, bronchial problems, severe colds, and issues related to respiratory system. These stones are considered to ease the pain, which also includes menstrual pain.

Zircon also alleviates intestinal and digestive problems, which can cause abdominal cramps in one’s body. These crystals believed to stimulate the metabolism and prevent water retention in the tissues as well as the blood pressure. Diseases such as epilepsy, fever and insanity can be cured by the Zircon crystals.

Medically, colorless zircons are believed to control diabetes and problems related to the reproductive system of the wearer. However, the red hue of Zircon helps the wearer in curing injuries and wounds.

  • Emotional Healer

Healing is something which is symbolized by Zircon, that helps the wearer in overcoming from losses and heals mental commotion. It is believed to promote common sense into the wearer’s mind.

The yellow shade of this crystal is able to draw the attention of his or her partner in their relationship. On the other hand, green zircon helps the wearer in attracting prosperity and strengthens the social engagement.

Stability and strength of mind are believed to be enhanced by the light blue zircon, which helps to control emotions and steady, and avoid social outbursts. Though, the most popular shade of zircon is brown, which helps in the easy realization of knowledge.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Zircon is believed to stimulate the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra. It is believed as a spiritual stone that makes the wearer be grounded and stimulates the movement of sluggish energy.

Zircon Facts

Some facts about Zircon

  • Zircon exhibits an interesting and extraordinary quality, is that if they exposed to sunlight, their color intensifies and their shine dulls.
  • Zircon is a birthstone for those who are born in the month of December, apart from Turquoise and Tanzanite.
  • Sometimes Zircon is confused with Cubic Zirconia, which is synthetic and inexpensive Diamond, hence intentionally or mistakenly, it is used in the place of diamonds in jewelry and ornamentation.
  • Zircon is associated with Aries, Capricorn and Sagittarius sign of Zodiac.

Metaphysical Properties

According to the astrological value of Zircon, it is believed to protect the mind and body and possess certain qualities, which helps the wearer in positive manner. Zircon is very effective crystal that attracts the vibes of wisdom, prosperity, self-esteem and confidence. Feelings of love and happiness are highly associated with these crystals and are believed to stimulate satisfaction to the wearer. 

Moreover, Zircon stones are eye-clean and classified as a special care stone. It also proves to be lucky for those, who have creative minds, as it is believed to make the wearer attractive and popular.

Zircon at a Glance

Cleavage None
Other Names high zircon, medium zircon, low zircon or metamict, hyacinth, jacinth, jargoon or jargon, beccarite, melichrysos, sparklite, starlite, strmlite
Crystal Habit tabular to prismatic crystals, irregular grains, massive
Streak White
Refractive Index Over the Limit 1.81-2.024, 1.75 when metamict
Diaphaneity Transparent
Moh's scale (hardness) 6.5-7.5
Sources Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and France.
Chemical formula ZrSiO4
Lustre Vitreous to adamantine; greasy when metamict.
Color colorless, very strong blue to green-blue, yellow, blue-green, yellowish green, yellow-green, brown, orangy yellow to reddish orange, dark brownish red and sometimes purple, gray to bluish gray and brownish gray
Chakra Healing Root or base chakra, Sacral chakra
Birthstone August, December
Zodiac Leo, Sagittarius

Zircon Color

Zircon is mostly pure hence signifies colorless effect. However, if contains impurities, then it will give blue, brown, green, orange, red and yellow varieties.

Zircon Colors

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Hi, I have read all the benefits of Zircon that a wearer will get. I wanna ask a question whether it will suit me or not.
Reply on 31/10/14
Hello Paul… If you want to know that Zircon is an apt talisman for you or not then for this we will require your birth date. Then only we will be able to give you a right answer as the recommendation of the best charm depends on the birth date or Zodiac of the person. So, be ready with these details and take away your perfect answer.
Reply on 3/11/14
Hi Jewelexi… I am here with my Zodiac…it is Capricorn. As I have also read the content I have come to know that Zircon is an apt gemstone for the Capricornian. Should I wear it? Please suggest.
Reply on 17/11/14
Yeah Paul you may wear this talisman it will suit you. Moreover, if you are little confused then ask for suggestion from your astrologer. He will recommend and suggest the best and apt gemstone for you.
Reply on 26/11/14
Off hand, without the beenfit of your chart (other aspects), I would say Sagittarius, if you can accept that they won't always be there just for you. Sagittarians are more fun-loving and more interested in expanding their minds. They love travel and will have a lot of people in their lives, unless there are competing aspects in their charts. Aries, on other hand, is the child of the zodiac. Great at getting things started but tending to lack the ability to follow-through. I think of Aries people as great catalysts but not great partners in life. A bit too selfish to see things from other people's perspectives unless they are highly evolved or very mature. It really does come down to you and what you are looking for. As a person whose North Node is in Leo, I do better with Sagittarians. I find them inspiring, less combative, openminded, honest, and a lot more trustworthy. They bring out the best in me as I journey on the path of my Leo North Node.
Reply on 28/12/14
I am a Leo Rising and I would definitely say Sagittarius. I know two married relationships with a Leo Female Sagittarius Male. The Sagittarius Man is good for the Leo Woman because they are a lot of FUN, adventurous and they don't need a lot of attention like the Aries Male. Leo Woman need a lot of attention sometimes and you would be probably competing with the Aries Male on every level where as the Sagittarius Male would let you shine and be YOU!The Aries/Leo pairing works best when it is an Aries Woman and a Leo Man.
Reply on 29/12/14
Zircon gives a glimpse of that of Diamond...I used to wear this gemstone....its benefits are according to my needs...i have got much advantages from it..it has prove to be helpful for me in many phases of my life...thanks Jewelexi for making me aware of this gemstone by sharing such a useful information...Thnaks once again
Reply on 4/5/15
Lots of Aloha Ellie!!
Thanks for issuing us an appreciation note. We heartily compliment your admiration and this is like a valuable tonic which will help us to move long.
We welcome your feedback and will also in future too so that we may become a kinda your expectations need.
Reply on 29/5/15
Your rough zircon stone jewelry seems more interesting than others.
Reply on 1/8/19
I like the way you cover every point about all the healing stones. It becomes easy for all to getting knowledge...Thank you gemexi
Reply on 19/11/19
Last week I purchase the jewelry from gemexi and really I am so much pleased with their quality and designs. Now I definitely said that gemexi is one of the best wholesale silver jewelry shops in Jaipur.
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