What is the Meaning of Moonstone in Jewelry?

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  • Updated On Sep 14, 2021
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What is the Meaning of Moonstone in Jewelry?

The earlier gemstone is found only in the parts of India and Sri Lanka in large numbers, but now it can be found all over the world. But Rome and Greek become first to find out the powers of this gemstone and they also believe that this gemstone is a gift from the moon goddess. According to Hindu mythology Moon-god, Chandra is the symbol of peace, and they believe Moonstone as a gemstone for peace.

Thus people believe that this stone provides peace when it wears in the form of jewelry. Then after Moonstone traveled to Europe and during the period of Art nouveau, a French goldsmith named Rene Lalique made an amazing piece of jewelry with the use of moonstone crystal. Then it becomes among people.

Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone holds a different kind of energy within itself. Commonly it is known for energy along with that helps to feel calm and collected. In Greek and Rome, people believed that Moonstone has lunar properties. With all these properties, Moonstone’s popularity extended in various countries and different cultures. It helps women who want to conceive.

Healing properties of Moonstone

There are various healing properties of this gemstone. Some of them are as follow: It comes in different colors, and each color signify different meaning It makes people feel peace and signifies the energy more than feminine or sensual energy. It is believed that the more clear Moonstone is, the more power the stone has. It helps the people in their love life and is beneficial in balancing the yin and the yang and also improves fertility. Blue moonstone is a great healing gemstone that helps relax the pain or distress. Rainbow moonstone is used to bring feminine energy and be beneficial for issues related to fertility.

Use of Moonstone as a healing gem

  1. It looks amazing when Moonstone as a jewelry piece. Along with that, it is most powerful to be worn directly on the skin. It helps in activating and enhancing the feeling of love, relaxation as well as peace also. It is highly recommended for the women who guide them with love or fertility.
  2. Moonstone pendants are the most powerful form of jewelry as it lies near the heart of the wearer, which ultimately makes them feel inner peace. Wearing the moonstone rings in both hands brings balance in life.
  3. Moonstone jewelry has equal importance as individual stone incur. They have the same healing properties and get easy to carry.

But it is important to know how to detect genuine moonstone jewelry as most of the sellers used to sell face gemstone jewelry for making more money. People must check the gemstone before buying them.

The following things need to check before buying any jewelry with this gemstone:

Shape: Shape and cutting of the gemstone are important as every shape doesn’t suit everyone. Each buyer should check on the shape of the stone before buying them.

Size: The value of the gemstone depends on its size or weight. It is important to check on the weight or size of the gemstone before buying them.

Quality: Moonstone or any other gemstones are known for their quality as their authenticity depends on it.

Metal: Last but not least, metals are also important in which jewelry is made. For example, if the gemstone is fitted in silver, then metals should be certified 925 sterling silver also.

Where to buy moonstone jewelry?

Gemstone jewelry is important to buy from a place where buyers can believe in genuine sellers as these gemstones need to be real for their powers or healing properties to work. Then buyers should buy any gemstone jewelry from their known jeweler only for pure or real gemstone jewelry.

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