Healing Crystals For Treating Cramps

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Jul 14, 2020
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Healing Crystals For Treating Cramps

Muscle cramps are unbearable temporary pain in legs, lower back, calves, abdomen, etc. The extreme pain of cramps may awaken people at night or even make them face difficulty while walking. This type of pain lasts for a few seconds or may for a few minutes as well. Cramps may arise in a part of a muscle or the whole muscle or several muscles at a time like cramps in flex adjacent fingers. Cramps are common, and almost everyone faces at some points of time in their life. It is common in adults and may get increase as per age. 


There are so many causes by which people may face the pain of cramps like overuse of muscles, dehydration, and strain in the muscle, or simply holding on a position for a longer period. Sometimes the cause of muscle strain may not clear. However, most of the muscles cramps are not harmful, but sometime it may be related to underlying medical conditions, like: 
  1. Lack of proper blood supply
  2. Nerve compression
  3. Lack of minerals


Muscle cramps are normal mostly develop in legs, especially in calves muscles. Apart from that, if a sudden and sharp pain as well as also feel a hard lump out there under the skin, then it is important to concern a doctor. Some of the following symptoms in which a person needs to go for medical help:
  1. Cause severe discomfort
  2. Associated with leg swelling, redness or skin changes
  3. Associated with muscle weakness
  4. Happen frequently
  5. Don't improve with self-care
  6. Associated with not an obvious cause, like strenuous exercise

Healing crystal 

Like every disease has some healing crystals used in their treatment. Similarly, there are certain gemstones or crystals used to get some relief from the pain of cramps. Many healers suggest different gemstones that are beneficial for using during the cramps. Some of them which are most recommended crystals for cramps are as follows:

Bloodstone: It is a great healing and powerful gemstone. It helps in drawing all the negative energy, protects, and ground energies. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, which will help in proper blood flow, which ultimately reduces the pain of cramps.

Charoite: It is a great crystal for transformation. It uses for stimulating as well as regulating blood pressure and muscle contraction. It helps in treating the general condition of the nervous system. Regulating the muscle contraction will help control normal muscle cramps caused due to unusual contraction of muscles.

Chrysocolla: It is used to calm and cleanse all the chakras and also re- energies them. It is beneficial in strengthening the muscles as well as ease the muscle cramps. It is also used to heal infections and blood pressure. It is also beneficial in treating the pain and cramps faced by the women during their menstrual cycle.

Iolite: It is a visionary crystal. It is used to strengthen the nerves as well as muscles also and helps in tolerating the pain. As it helps strengthen the muscles by which it will also regulate the contraction and reduces the risk of having muscle cramps.

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