Healing crystals for Infection

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Sep 14, 2020
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Healing crystals for Infection

A person can get infectious in various ways, like from another person who already had suffered from some infection, from contaminated food and water or from any insect biting as well. Not all kinds of microbes are harmful to our bodies. There are certain organisms that preferred to intake for good health. But organisms that are harmful to our body are more than that.

Types of infections

As we discussed above, there are various type of infections which are caused due to different organisms. Some of the types of infections are as follow:
  • Viral infection: Infection, which is caused due to small infectious organisms known as viruses, is the viral infection. Million of viruses may exist, but only 5000 can be identified. They contain small pieces of genetic code, coated with protein and fat (lipid) molecules that protect them. Viruses enter a host cell and attach to another and reproduce multiple viruses that rapidly infect new cells. There are many diseases that were caused due to viral infections includes the common cold due to which rhinovirus, coronavirus, and adenovirus. Zika virus, Dengue fever, H1N1 swine flu, Ebola, etc.
  • Bacterial infection: Bacterial infection is a single-celled microorganism. Bacteria can literally live in any kind of environment, from extreme hot to extreme cold, and some of them can also survive in radioactive waste. There are both kinds of bacteria, good and bad as well. Good bacteria are best for health, and bad bacteria may lead to many diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis, typhus, pneumonia, eye infections, skin infections, etc.
  • Fungal infection: Fungal infections are caused due to microorganisms called fungus, a multicellular organism. There are approx millions of fungus. These organisms can cause many diseases like valley fever, some eye infections, ringworm, candidiasis, athlete’s foot, etc.
  • Parasitic infection: Basically, there are three kinds of parasites that cause infection or illness in the human body. These are:
Protozoa: Smaller in size, single-cell organism.
Helminths: Larger in size than protozoa, a multicellular organism.
Ectoparasites: Organisms like lice, ticks, and fleas.

Parasitic infection can cause many diseases like malaria, toxoplasmosis, river blindness, roundworm infection, tapeworm infection, etc.

Crystals used for infection treatment

There are various crystals that were used to treat many infections. But there are few crystals that are frequently recommended by various crystal healers. These crystals and their healing properties are explained below:

Amber: It is most powerful as well as a good cleansing stone for the body, mind, and soul. It helps to remove all the negative energy from the environment and replace it from the positivity all around. It also uses to treat such kind of infections and build the immune system stronger so that it can fight against all the outside microorganisms which are harmful to our body.

Carnelian: It is a stabilizing stone that helps to restore motivation and vitality. It is a very good healing gemstone used to treat any kind of diseases, including arthritis, rheumatism, depression, an illness caused due to viral infection, etc.

Emerald: This green-colored magical stone used to enhance psychic abilities and awareness. It helps in recovering the person after an infectious disease or illness.

Opal: It is an amazing calming stone that helps to strengthen the willpower and stamina to treat infections and fever and also promotes treatments to cure many diseases and illnesses.

Sardonyx: Sardonyx is a crystal for protection and strength. It used to increase the stamina and will power, which is essential to fight against almost every disease and illness.

Smoky Quartz: It is one of the excellent grounding crystals. It helps in removing the negative vibration and protects from electromagnetic smog and radiation. It promotes the internal strength which needs to fight against all the diseases and infections and keep the body healthy.

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