Find How Turtle Agate Helps You In Different Ways

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2019
Find How Turtle Agate Helps You In Different Ways


With dark mysterious waves of tan and brown flowing throughout, turtle agate is one unique stone. Apparently, the stone got its name because of the color pattern. It is mostly found in the fossil record of the Precambrian and is also known as Algae Iron, Fossil Algae and Stromatolite. Turtle agate is recorded as one of the oldest stones in history. It has the beauty of perfect composition and vividness and each polished stone is different because of the spread of color and pattern. Turtle agate is known to be a stone of protection for everyone. The benefits of Turtle agate are as follows:
Physical healing properties of Turtle agate: Put turtle agate in the refrigerator and place it chilled on the forehead of the person who is suffering from fever, the temperature will come down instantly. Turtle agate is believed to be a stone that strengthens cardiac muscles and soothes blood vessels along with the heart. It stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis. When placed on the abdomen, it can cure the stomach, uterus and intestine issues. Turtle agate is effective for skin and heals eye disorders. In case, some insect bites and there is itching, this stone comes as a rescue. It also helps the wearer in the problem of sleepwalking.
Emotional healing properties of Turtle agate: Turtle agate is believed to create a circular stream of vitality that energises the intellect and attitude. When any situation or hard phase comes in life, this stone heals your anger, negativity and gives you the courage to start overall again. It assists you in uttering truth, in self-analysis as well as self-acceptance. It enhances the mental function by improving analytical abilities and concentration. It gives power to the human mind to explore new horizons and work with more of zeal. Turtle agate is also known as a fresh start crystal, it acts as a pointer or director for those who love to explore the different adventures of life. It gives you new prospects for relationships and also helps you in growing them. It cures all emotional harmony and foster a lot of love and peace.
Spiritual healing properties of Turtle agate: Turtle agate is conducive to meditation. It raises consciousness and encourages a quiet reflection on one’s life. It calms the mind down and opens up the mind for higher thoughts and profound truths. Turtle agate encourages spiritual maturity and growth, it contributes to inner stability and overall development. The stone dissolves tensions and strengthens the rational thought. It teaches you to appreciate the beauty of nature, awakens your other talent and provides you protection in all kinds of situations. Turtle agate has the power to direct your dysfunctional energies and fill you with positivity. 
Turtle agate balances chakra: Believed to create new hopes, bringing in positivity and expanding the horizons of thinking, Loose turtle agate stone is one that is powerful in cleansing at all levels of chakras. It is connected to the base chakra and is responsible for the wearer’s sense of refuge and surety on this earthly journey of spirits. It is also said to be closely connected to root chakra which leads to the enhancement and open up of the other chakras above. 
Other benefits of turtle agate: Wearing turtle agate brings prosperity, wealth and health to the individual. It increases your level of acceptance to the emotional turmoil while at the same time fill you with peace, calm and hope. It increases your physical stamina and, in all ways, makes the wearer a charismatic personality. It blesses you with diligence, endurance and great success in all your endeavors. It is truly an uplifting and supportive stone. In case a writer feels stuck, it helps them to express the idea in a profitable foam. It removes lethargy and depression from the body and fosters friendliness, farsightedness, and happiness in the wearer. 
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