Andalusite - A Powerful Healing Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Andalusite - A Powerful Healing Gemstone

As we talk according to the tradition of Greek, Andalusite is a variety of Chiastolite. One of the alternative names of this charm is Cross Stone. This talisman holds the most beautiful gape but still it is not widely known for its amazing healing powers. Generally, it is one of the most famous charms that are utilized for decorating jewelry items. It possesses a fabulous ability of changing its color as it reveals off its fascinating hues in distinctive directions.

Physical Healing Properties

An extraordinary gemstone, Andalusite influences the nerves and muscles of the wearer by affecting his brain which then aids in the treatment of the uncontrollable movements. His talisman is also known for regulating the sleep and aids in removing the paralysis of joints, muscles and nerves.

Predictably, Andalusite is branded for enhancing the lactation which in turn balances the flow of blood and improves the edema. This remarkable healing gemstone is utilized for diminishing the fevers and promotes the restful sleep of its owner. That’s why Andalusite is known as a powerful healing amulet.

Emotional Healing Properties

Andalusite talisman stands for independence that aids the carrier in learning about the liberated way of life. This gemstone is also regarded to lower down the fear for the one who can see his death coming closer. It too helps in accepting their death courageously. The balance and self-control of the life are some features that are bestowed by this lucky charm.

After wearing this talisman, the holder will get focus on his aim as it motivates him to stay tranquil even during the difficult time.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Andalusite is a gemstone which works in a marvelous way for the Solar Plexus Chakra. During the stimulation process of this chakra, Andalusite increases the desires of the owner’s self-realization. This gemstone assists his carrier in exploring the emotional blockages and problems and fetching possible solution for him.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Considered to be a lucky charm, Andalusite is a helpful amulet which aids in centering and meditation. It supports the owner in maintaining the spiritual perspective when he is ill; this allows him to see the positive things in his ambiance. This healing talisman is well accepted as a gemstone which eases the spiritual travel.

By understanding the immorality, Andalusite gemstone assists its owner amazingly in the procedure of the re-birth and death.

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