Andalusite Jewelry

Why Andalusite Jewelry is Loved and Coveted So Much

The best feature of Andalusite is that it is a changing-color gemstone. This awesome gemstone is also revered for its quality of affecting muscles in a positive way. This beautiful creation of nature is available in hues like red, green, orange, white, brown, and yellow. Andalusite is a cruciform of cross sections crystals. The name Andalusite hails from Andalusia, a place in Spain where this alluring stone was found.

Important Facts related to Andalusite

Andalusite is connected with freedom and hence the wearer of this stone learns to live life in a positive independent manner. Andalusite is highly honored for its support that it provides in treating the uncontrollable movements of the body. The stone affects the carrier’s nerves and muscles by creating an impact on his brain. Those who combat the problem of regular sleep can benefit from this amazing stone as it helps in attaining a regular and sound sleep. Also, Andalusite helps in removing problems like nerve paralysis and muscle paralysis. It is said that Andalusite (trimorphic with kyanite and sillimanite, Viridine, Kanonaite) is also a helpful stone for those people who are near death and are afraid to accept it. The stone helps such people by removing fear for death and accept it peacefully.   

Significant Sources for Andalusite  

The significant sources for this alluring gemstone Andalusite include Sri Lanka, Brazil, California, France, Sweden, Spain, Russia and Australia.  

Alluring Andalusite Jewelry Styles

The pretty and impactful Andalusite jewelry can be found in impressive and creative designs. Andalusite’s diaphaneity is transparent to nearly opaque with inclusions and it measures 6.5 - 7.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The luster of this beautiful stone is vitreous. The rare transparent variety of this gemstone is used as a minor gemstone. You can buy beautiful Andalusite rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that add an attractive factor to your aura.

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