Andalusite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Andalusite is a polymorph or aluminum silicate, which consist of two other minerals – Kyanite and sillimanite. Polymorph is a mineral, which comprises same chemical composite with different physical structure. The name of this stone was derived from Andalusia, Spain where it was first discovered. This stone was found before the birth of Christ. Most of the people feel that the original form of andalusite was first found in El Cardoso, which is a different Spanish region.

According to the Greek tradition, andalusite is a form of Chiastolite. Cross stone is one of the alternate names of Andalusite. This stone possess the extremely beautiful appearance, but it is considered to be one of the lesser known gem types, as it is widely used on general basis rather than ornamental or jewelry carvings. Andalusite is well known for its changing color ability, as it shows different colors in different directions.

Where is Andalusite found?

Usually, this stone is found in pegmatites. The pebbles of these crystals occur in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka and Brazil. Other places include California (USA), France, Sweden, Spain, Russia and Australia.

Healing Properties

In ancient times, andalusite is considered as one of the powerful healing stone, which supports the balance between the aspirations and desires. Some of the beneficial properties of andalusite are as follows:

Physical Healing : Andalusite stone is an extraordinary stone that influences wearer’s muscles and nerves through its effect on the brain, which helps them in the treatment of uncontrollable movements. This stone is believed to regulate sleep and helps in alleviating the paralysis of nerves, muscles, and joints.

Psychological maturation and sovereignty are some of the processes that will be persuaded by the andalusite crystals. This stone has an immense effect on the psyche, through its influential energies.

Andalusite crystals comprise anti-inflammatory properties, which helps the wearer in reducing the pain of arthritis, joint inflammation, gout, and rheumatism. Hence, it is said that andalusite is an excellent stone for connective tissues and skin. Furthermore, these healing crystals are wonderful for AIDS, eye problems, water retention, and deficiencies of calcium, oxygen, and iodine.

Conventionally, it s believed that these crystals are used to increase lactation, which helps in balancing blood flow and improving edema. This spectacular healing stone is also used in diminishing fevers and promotes a restful sleep for the wearer. Therefore, andalusite proved to be one of the powerful healing stones.

Emotional Healing : Andalusite crystals symbolize independence, which helps the wearer in learning the independent way of life. This stone is considered to lessen the fear fabulously, for those who are near to their death; andalusite helps them to accept their death bravely. Self-control and balance of life are some of the aspects which can be provided with this wonderful stone.

This stone let the wearer muddle through with stress and anxiety, as it disperses all negative energies that will be surrounded by him. Andalusite has the ability to convert conflicts into harmonious peace.

The seeing stone – Andalusite works calmly and helps the wearer in letting know one’s character without being bias. With this stone, the wearer will be able to see different sides of a problem. It is believed that andalusite crystals have powerful protective and creative energies, which allows the wearer to balance their problem with practicality.

The wearer will be focused on his goal after wearing andalusite gemstone, as it encourages him to stay calm, during his difficult time.

Spiritual Healing : Andalusite is considered to be the stone that is helpful for meditation and centering. It helps the wearer in maintaining a spiritual perspective during an infirmity, which let him see the positivity of the environment. This healing stone has been proved to be an easing stone during spiritual journeys.

Through the understanding of immortality, andalusite supports the wearer in the process of death and re-birth. It is considered that andalusite provides a bridge to get over the problems of the present life.

Heals and Balances Chakra : Andalusite stone works well for the Solar Plexus Chakra. While stimulating the solar plexus chakra, andalusite promotes the desire for self-realization. This stone helps the wearer in discovering problems and emotional blockages and pointing the wearer to the possible resolution.

Andalusite Facts

Some facts about Andalusite

  • One of the colors of the Andalusite i.e. yellowish has been identified the most important healing stone.
  • Due to the color and hardness of andalusite, it is suitable for men’s jewelry.
  • Poor man alexandrite is one of the alternate names of andalusite, as this stone resembles alexandrite gemstone a little.
  • Andalusite becomes the powerful stone when it is used in combination with natural diamonds and citrine.
  • To get the benefit of the healing properties of andalusite, then it should be worn directly on the skin or held in a hand.
  • The ancient Greeks used these extravagant crystals for healing and decorative purposes.
  • Andalusite is believed to be that stone, which comprises some mystical properties; hence it is used as a lucky charm against evil eyes.
  • Chiastolite is considered to be the most precious form of andalusite stone. 

Metaphysical Properties

This extraordinary mineral is a chemical composite of aluminum silicate (Al2SiO5) that is found in low-pressure metamorphic rocks. Andalusite comprises finest quality of crystals, which occurs in the form of pebbles. These pebbles required to smooth with water to form a fine crystal. 

Pleochroism is an optical phenomenon which is being followed by this stone, and this occurrence enhances the appearance of andalusite. The crystals of andalusite are often cut into gems when they show red or green hues, which resemble a form of radiance. Though, the represented colors of andalusite are the result of pleochroism. This stone is extensively resistant to heat and acids. 

On the hardness of the Moh’s scale, andalusite measures in between 7 to 7.5, and this is more than average.

Andalusite In News

Andalusite Color

Andalusite is a changing color stone, hence it is found in number of colors including white, red, brown, orange, green and brown yellowish form. It is cruciform of cross sections crystals.

Andalusite Colors

  • CleavageGood, in one direction, Poor, in one direction
  • Other NamesViridine, Chiastolite
  • Crystal HabitAs euhedral crystals or columnar aggregates having nearly square cross sections; fibrous compact to massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.634-1.643
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7.5
  • SourcesSri Lanka and Brazil, California (USA), France, Sweden, Spain, Russia and Australia
  • Chemical formulaAl2SiO5
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorYellowish Green To Brownish Green, Orangy Brown
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra
  • BirthstoneAugust
  • Zodiacaquarius
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    Andalusite stone is really effective in healing of muscle break and it also strengthens muscles which are connected to our brain.

  • Ami
    Dec 18, 2015, 5:31:57 AM

    Andalusite stone is really effective in healing of muscle break and it also strengthens muscles which are connected to our brain.

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