A Perfect Study About Boulder Opal Carving Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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A Perfect Study About Boulder Opal Carving Gemstone

Boulder opal - a variety of opal is an expensive and one of the rarest stones. It is found only in two places- Australia and Queensland and exists in two forms, first, there is a fine deposition of opal on the topmost surface while the other form is an entangled version of opal and ironstone. Boulder opal is very similar to opal doublet in its appearance. For people who get confused between both, here is the difference, the layering pattern in boulder opal is found naturally whereas, an opal doublet, is actually arranged. 
The boulder opal is regarded as the best variety of opal for the purpose of carving. The beautifully carved opals are used worldwide by people in the form of jewelry and decoration pieces. The people who patiently carve such intricate patterns on the boulder are mostly from Asian countries. However, the boulder opal carving gemstone is available all over the world. People love such carved opals and treat them as priced possession. 

Benefits of Boulder opal gemstone:

Physical healing properties of boulder opal:

Boulder opal deals with problems related to intestinal organs. It imparts positive healing on them and thereby in the course, treats stomach pain too. Boulder opal is also beneficial in times of cold. It really soothes the chest and nose and gives you big relief from the disease which is annoying at an extreme level. 

Emotional healing properties of boulder opal:

Boulder opal is a stone that helps you feel peace within. It calms your mind, clear your thoughts and improves your concentration. It absolutely brings transparency in your nature and makes you more focused in life. It keeps you stress-free. If you ever have issues in sleeping sound or get nightmares then try this stone, the stone is believed to reduce or remove the nightmares, bringing peaceful sleep. It secures you emotionally, It gives you a lucid view of your inner self so that you know where you are going wrong and where you need to stay strong on your decision. It strengthens your will power and helps you in achieving what all you have thought. 

Spiritual healing properties of boulder opal:

Carrying the energy of mother earth and fire, it is believed that boulder opal is a stone for people who are spiritually inclined. It helps you to deeply understand spiritualism and constantly supports you in this journey of yours. It raises self-awareness, brings optimism in heart and actually aids you in hearing the sound of the soul. If you are really curious about your past life then this stone can give you a glimpse into it. It eases all the thoughts in the mind and lets you experience an unparalleled reunion of conscious and unconscious mental state. 

Chakra healing:

The energy bank of boulder opal works on various chakras and benefits the body incomparably. It removes the negativity from chakras and cleanses the aura deeply. It strongly connects with the crown chakra and base chakra and thereby deliver all benefits attached to these two chakras.  
Boulder opal is also believed to attract good fortune in life. It is a beautiful and enjoyable stone that promotes happiness, inner beauty and a clear understanding of the purpose of existence. It enhances your decision-making abilities. It helps you on the crossroads of life and make every moment of your life enjoyable. 
Buy boulder opal right now to experience all these benefits. With seams of play-of-color on brown base and transparent to opaque appearance, it is an exquisite stone. Wear boulder opal silver jewelry or carry a loose boulder opal stone, the energy, and beauty of it is never going to disappoint you.

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