Boulder Opal Carving Jewelry

About Boulder Opal Carving

Boulder Opal comes from Queensland Australia. Due to the presence of high amounts of iron oxide, it is found in brown colors. Also, you may sometimes notice, a type of ‘fire’ in opalescent green, red, purple or blue. Actually, the boulder opal is an opal which contains a hard backing that consists of ironstone along with the highly valued opal. You may notice a thin and fine layer of real opal on the upper surface in a boulder opal or sometimes you may find it entwined with the ironstone itself. The boulder opal is considered one of the most suitable opals for carving as it comes in comparatively big sizes and many alluring patterns. When the pattern in boulder opal has swirls in it, it is easy to carve. In the present scenario, the gorgeous looking boulder stone carving is quite popular for making jewelry and various decorative items. The fabulous carvings on a boulder opal stone include various patterns. Some of the most popular patterns include the designs from nature, phantom patterns, animal figurines and several more! The boulder opal carving work is mostly done in Asia. However, the boulder opal carvings can be found almost all over the world.

Boulder Opal Carving Healing Properties

Boulder opal carvings are not just a thing of beauty and praise. Healing properties of boulder opal carving contain some valuable effects. Boulder opal mainly works with the base and crown chakra. In the ancient times, it was widely believed that when magic letters were carved upon opal, it became useful in the prevention of bad dreams. Opal otherwise is also valued a lot as a stone of good luck, a gemstone of love and a symbol of happiness. Boulder opal is believed to open up and stimulate one’s consciousness, especially towards the vibrations of one’s souls. This in turn helps in seeing life through the wide angle. Also, Boulder opal helps in removing negativity from mind. Thus, when you use this beautiful enchanting stone, you get a clear mind that is fully focused and alert. It is also believed that Boulder Opal contains a significant grounding energy. This grounding energy helps in grounding the high vibrations. By suitably grounding the high vibrations, the Boulder Opal helps you fetch the proper guidance and suitable decisions so that you move forward smoothly and correctly in your life. By using Boulder Opal, one can learn from various experiences in life and can live life in a better way.

Boulder Opal Carving Jewelry

Boulder opal carving is making ripples in the modern fashion and jewelry world. The various boulder opal carvings look very trendy and impressive. The most popular carvings mostly include the tribal patterns or artistic designs. The popular tribal boulder stone carvings include the Eskimo pattern, the Red Indian pattern and few more while the artistic patterns include mostly the designs that hail from nature. For example – the floral carvings, the leaf carvings and likewise! You can find a stunning specimen of Boulder Opal Carving at Gemexi! It offers you a wide range of Boulder Opal carvings to choose from. You can find beautiful boulder opal carving pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other forms of jewelry when exploring the Boulder Opal Carvings at Gemexi. The beautiful leafy patterns, flower designs, animal carvings and bird patterns in Boulder Opal Carvings range at Gemexi will leave you surprised! You can use this beautiful Boulder opal carving jewelry in a casual way or on some special occasion. Both ways, it looks fantastic. You can also try this beautiful and trendy jewelry in casual get-togethers, sea-side parties, beach functions, and similar casual occasions. You can buy beautiful looking Boulder Opal Carving jewelry from Gemexi in an easy and absolutely satisfying manner!

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