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Boulder Opal Carving - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Boulder opal is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties of opal. Though it is lesser in value in comparison of black opal, but it is rare in availability. The on availability factor makes it a coveted opal. Many people are unable to distinguish between Boulder opal and opal doublet. The basic difference between the two is that the layering pattern is found naturally in boulder opal while in case of opal doublet, the layering is actually arranged. Boulder opal comes from Queensland, Australia.

Well, boulder opal is an opal that has a tough backing comprising ironstone. The supporting ironstone and the presence of precious opal in it make it a valuable and expensive item. The boulder opal can be found in two forms. The first form comprises a fine deposit of opal on the topmost surface while the other form consists of a variety in which the opal and ironstone are tangled together.

Where is Boulder Opal Carving found?

When it comes to carving, let us tell you that it is done on few types of opal. However, it is a noteworthy fact that boulder opal is regarded as one of the most perfect types of opal for the purpose of carving. The carved boulder opals are loved and coveted all over the world. The carving task is mostly carried out on the Asian continent. Nevertheless, the carved opals are available worldwide. The rich and intricate patterns of carving make the boulder opals look even more alluring than before. The beautifully carved opals are worked into exquisite jewelry forms and are also cherished as unique pieces of decoration.

Opals are beautiful and when they shake hands with the host rock, they look even more enthralling. When opals get created in or surrounded by voids of host rock, the precious and rare boulder opals are formed. This host rock can either be ironstone or sandstone. To retain the beauty of such natural formation, the boulder opals are cut carefully keeping the basic host rock with it.

Healing Properties Of Boulder Opal Carving

Spiritual Healing Properties of Boulder Opal
Boulder opals are gifted with certain features that can help you learn and understand spiritualism in a better and easier way. Let’s see how boulder opal helps you augment your spiritual inclination.
Contains energies that support the path of spirituality – Apart from the beautiful play of colors and opalescence, this lovely gift of nature, called boulder opal has some important energy in it. You can feel the affectionate energies of Mother Earth in this precious stone. These stones are also believed to contain revealing and enlightening fire energy. The warmth of Earth energy and the enlightenment of fire energy come together in boulder opal to help you learn and know spirituality with ease and dedication.

  • Helps develop the spiritual inclination – The exclusive energies of Boulder Opals are supportive for enhancing interest for spiritualism. By carrying these stones or by wearing boulder opal carving jewelry, one can improve his or her curiosity and inquisitiveness in spirituality.
  • Kindles perception – Self awareness is a foremost element that should be applied well if anyone wants to recognize spiritualism. Boulder opals are considered great for this purpose. They kindle one’s awareness and perception. By using these beautiful stones, one can actually hear the sound of his soul.
  • Provides glimpses into past life – It is also widely believed and accepted that boulder opals are great for recognizing the past lives.
  • Brings about the unique reconciliation – Spiritualism is a state in which the cognizant and cataleptic conditions of mind reconcile into one. While using boulder stones, you can experience an unparalleled reunion of conscious and unconscious mental states.

Physical Healing Properties of Boulder Opal

  • Having boulder opal in life simply means that you can get rid of several physical problems too.
  • Relieves pain – Use boulder opal for calming down the stomach pain as the stone is believed to soothe stomach pain.
  • Deals with problems related to intestinal organs – Boulder opals are also considered to impart positive healing results in case of intestinal organ ailments.  
  • Provide healing benefit in cold – Cold is a common problem but this small-looking problem sometime irritates us to an annoying level. Reduce your common cold signs by using boulder opal as it is considered to reduce these symptoms.

Boulder Opal Carvings – Emotional Healing Properties

  • Soothes the soul of user – By using this amazing stone, one can actually feel pace from within. Get a calm and serene feeling by using a boulder stone with carving.
  • Instill and augment concentration – Are you fighting with the problem of poor concentration? If so, you can improve your focus and concentration by using boulder stone. The stone is believed to calm down your mind so that you can concentrate in an absolute manner.
  • Helps prevent nightmares – In the ancient times as well as in some cultures today, the boulder opals are carved with some magical words and given to people who find difficulty in sleeping due to nightmares. Such carved boulder opals are believed to reduce and remove nightmares.
  • Brings about transparency and cleanliness – Make your thoughts cleaner than before. Add transparency to them by utilizing boulder stone jewelry or just the stone itself. A pure hearted person stays away from stress and thus, the stone helps you stay stress-free too.
  • Assists in contacting the other realms – Use these natural precious stones to contact the beings of other worlds. Yes! We are not alone! If you believe in that and think that there exist other worlds apart from ours, use these stones to get connected with the spirits of the other world.  
  • Helps create the right balance – Invite a stable balance between sentimental and mental states by having boulder opal with you. The right balance between the two does not only help you excel in the materialistic world but also in the world of spirituality.  
  • Aids in getting connected with self-awareness – Get a lucid view of your inner self and get connected with it in an easy way by using boulder opal.
  • Gives emotional security – Those who are worried about emotional security can also benefit from boulder opals.
  • Use for firm determination – If you think that you are unable to achieve something in life because of weak will-power, you need to work on the same. The boulder opals can help you strengthen your determination and firmness in beliefs and decisions.

Boulder Opal Carving – Chakra Healing
Boulder opals provide you different physical and emotional advantages. Many of these advantages are the result of unique energies and powers found in boulder opal; while the other benefits occur when these enchanting stones work on the energy points of our bodies – the chakras! Removing the negativity from various chakras, these stones help you cleanse your aura from deep within. Boulder opals are capable to provide chakra healing too. By working in alignment with the crown chakra and base chakra, it does not only protect you from various physical problems but also assimilate and condense energy so that you can recognize and achieve the objective of your life.
The crown chakra which is located at the top of your head is stimulated using the boulder opals. By providing you the proper energy, the boulder stones instill clear thinking in your mind so that you are able to take the right decisions. Enhancing your decisions power and decision making abilities, the boulder opals make sure that you choose the right path in chaotic situations of life. Also, the boulder opals are believed to attract good fortune in life. Promoting happiness and inner beauty, they make your life beautiful and enjoyable than before.

Boulder Opal Carving Facts

  • Boulder opals are also interestingly known as ‘Opals with a mother rock’.
  • Boulder opal shows two beautiful optical phenomenons – the play of colors and the opalescence.
  • They are prevalent and most sought after opals for carving because of their big size and unique shapes as well as patterns.
  • They are just second to black opals when it comes to choosing the most valuable opals of Australia.
  • They are believed to aid in settling down your emotional issues and provide mental stability.
  • Boulder opals are very durable because of ironstone backing and presence of very low amount of water.
  • They are believed to bring good luck, clean aura and enhance inner beauty.

Boulder Opal Carving In News

Boulder Opal Carving Color

One alluring feature of boulder stone is that it shows a unique play of colors which include all shades of ethereal colors. The brightness of colors is strongly and positively affected by the host stone, ironstone! This supporting stone augments the beautiful optical occurrences including the opalescence and color-play as well. Most specimens often portray brown shade as there are rich quantities of iron oxide present in them. However, there are few which show other hues like blue, green, purple, violet, red, etc.

  • Cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.37 to 1.52
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5-6.5
  • Sources
  • Chemical formulaSiO2_nH2O Hydrous silicon dioxide
  • Lustrewaxy-resinous
  • ColorBrown With Seams Of Play-Of-Color
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Crown Chakra
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiac
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