Trending Gemstones of 2019

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Trending Gemstones of 2019

At the beginning of every season, speculations are rife in the fashion and beauty industry regarding the trends that are likely to take the industry by storm. While fashion styles easily change every season, in case of gemstone jewelry trends things are slightly different. Gemstone jewelry tends to be in fashion for a longer period of time mainly because of the inherent expenses involved. 
When we are talking about expensive gemstones it is only obvious that trends do not change very easily. Having said that there are of course designs, colors, gemstone preferences that keep changing every year or so. In 2019 too we are expecting to see popular gemstones trending while at the same time newer designs making an entry into this effervescent market. 

Let’s take a look at some of the gemstones trends 2019 that should inspire you to invest in some of the best gemstones this year. 

• Diamonds – Can diamonds every go out of fashion? Well, you know the answer as much as we do. Diamonds continue to hold a special place in everyone’s heart and irrespective of every new gemstone discovery they are here to stay for long. However this year there is an increasing trend of oval diamonds becoming very popular, especially among to-be-brides. There is also an increasing trend in east-west settings instead of the traditional north-south setting. 

• Aquamarine – The cool blue color of Aquamarine is one of the main attractions of this gemstone. According to the Pantone list of colors that are likely to trend in 2019, the translucent blue-green color will sell like hotcakes. There are already evidences that aquamarine gemstone jewelry is attracting a lot of women. 

• Garnet –The fierce red color of garnet stands out as any jewelry piece, particularly as a statement ring. Since this type of ring is already in fashion, garnet is becoming one of the obvious choices as the preferred gemstone. A large chunky piece of Garnet can complete can look effortlessly. 

• Opals – The best thing about opals is that you can find one in any color of your choice. Opals are also versatile making it easy to wear the gemstone with any kind of outfit. It can look good with your simple pair of denim and white top and even effortlessly chic with your elegant evening gown. In fact, opal engagement rings were one of the hottest trends of last year and this is something that is going to continue trending even this year. 

• Pearls – Just like diamonds pearls too can never go out of fashion. Fashion bloggers and experts have repeatedly recommended every woman to own at least a string of pearl, even if they have no other gemstone jewelry collection. Pearls are one of the gemstones trends that never fades. You can wear a single string of white pearls on your neck or choose a colorful, layered pearl necklace for a more complete look. 

Jewelry with gemstone look very elegant and can make your look complete in every sense. Choosing the right gemstone jewelry is important and following trends a good way to know which way the winds are blowing. 


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