Azurite, a Stone of Heaven

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Azurite, a Stone of Heaven

Azurite reveals off its profound and deep blue hue that none other gem piece possess. This dark blue crystal is known for developing and motivating the clairvoyant powers of its owner. The intense hue of this gemstone makes it an eminent charm of the collectors and is employed occasionally in the jewelry and beads.

Considered as a potential gemstone by the people of Atlanta and Egypt, Azurite is branded much. In the past it was also believed that the secrets of this charm are known only to the priest and priestess of higher realm. Its name, “The Stone of Heaven” was titled by the ancient people of China who consider that by wearing this talisman the being may get connected with the heavenly bodies.

Where is Azurite found?

Popular since the prehistoric era, Azurite got its name from an Old Persian term that is meant for “Blue Color”. However, this charm originates as a crystal; it is generally appeared in its rough texture. This wonderful blue charm is witnessed in various regions like USA, Chile, Australia, Namibia, France, Peru, Russia and Egypt. It is mainly found in the mines of copper.

Azurite Color

The hue of Azurite runs from bright to the dark blue shade towards the shades of indigo that may too reveals some of the speckles of the blue tint.

Azurite, not a Birthstone

Particularly, Azurite is not a birthstone so after taking an advice from an astrologer anyone may get benefitted from its powers and properties.

Azurite, a Perfect Zodiac Stone

Azurite is associated with a star sign named, Sagittarius. So, the one who falls under the same zodiac sign may try out it for atleast one time.

Benefits of Azurite Gemstone

Azurite honors the Goddess of war and wisdom called Athena. It is neither a traditional nor a natural birthstone.

The paints of Azurite that were formed in the past centuries were employed by the painters to paint the beautiful skies that are now seen in its rare green tint.

Azurite helps in oxygenating and movement of the blood and serves in restoring any injury, obstruction to the brain. This is an amazing gemstone for Alzheimer’s, dementia and disorders that are related to brain and aging. It may also mollify the migraine pain, eliminate tinnitus and stabilize the vertigo. Apparently, this gemstone improves the reflex action of the owe who wears it.


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