Sagittarius (The Archer) is the ninth sign of the Zodiac, which symbolizes assertive, convivial and passionate personalities. These folks are inclined to exceed beyond their confines, since they are well known as truth seekers. In horoscope, they signify those personalities who never compromises and has an open-minded approach to their life.

This sign of Zodiac, belongs to the element of fire and devour special mutable quality. These folks are blessed with never-ending energy, just like fire, which never gets fatigued with the use of their power. The individuals with this mutable quality are considered to be gifted with tremendous creativity. They always are devoted to learning and constantly liked by the others.

The ruler planet for the Sagittarius-born is Jupiter, which is known as the King of the Gods. This ruling planet encourages Sagittarians to be beneficial with those opportunities, which will be greater than the life. Sagittarians are considered to be the fortunate one, since things come easily to them.

The Sagittarius men are all about positivity in their thoughts and approaches. These men seeks for truth, beauty and wisdom, while they are very knowledgeable persons, and always eager to gain knowledge from other sources. The Sagittarian men are concerned about the religion and philosophy; they like to share their views about religion-belief to others. Versatile and optimistic, these men love to meet other people and travel, as they want to fill their life with new experiences. People love to be in their company, as they are excellent conversationalist, but they are not judgmental.

The astrological sign of Sagittarius, symbolizes the Centaur – the renowned creature, who are half horse and half man. The Centaurs are well known for their archery, and this is also associated with the Sagittarians. According to the Roman Mythology, these creatures are intellectual personalities, who often get engaged with dangerous activities, similarly the Sagittarius men devour an adventurous character, who always love to take risks in their life. Though, they simply get bored if they don’t have enough to keep their mind busy. Honest, straightforward, expressive and philosophical persona, these characteristics augment the positivity in the Sagittarius men. When it comes to the love, they become playful and flirtatious. As they are willing to explore things, they try to discover what love is and as a result, their love affairs are never the same from to the other.

However, the men who fall under this sign have enough potential to get what they want in life. Since, they never get concerned about the consequences of their actions and follows lighthearted attitude, and they often get disappointed with the results. These males are generous, cheerful and trustworthy, who are always ready to help their friends and close ones. They have extremely competitive personality; hence they make a good future in their selected field.

The Archer love to be free, as freedom is the most important aspect for them. Consequently, they will simply not take a relationship ahead, as it may confine their freedom. The Sagittarius men are sociable and love to enjoy their freedom with their friends and close ones.

The Archers are optimistic, straightforward, playful and amusing, who are persistently curious to know everything. The women of this Zodiac, explores individuals, subjects, philosophies, religions very inquisitively. These women do not get influenced easily, as they believe in finding significance from their own experiences. Therefore, they love to meet new people, try different things, and communicate with others to satisfy their excitement. These women are unprejudiced and apathetic, thus when they get criticism, they work hard to improve themselves. Charming, versatile, self-regulating and outspoken are some of the attributes that depicts the uniqueness of the Sagittarius women.

New things such as controversial things about religion, values, and beliefs captivate these women, and they are always enthusiastic to explore about these things. Although, the Sagittarius women comprise straightforward nature, hence they can be direct in their comments and this lead to hurting their close ones. The women of this sign, are freedom lovers, and do not want to be in that circumstances where they have to compromise with their freedom. Besides, they keep larger perception for their future, as they are positive, creative and instinctive by nature, those are always prepared for the foresight.

The Archer women believe that love is an eternal mystery; therefore they search for those partners who can explain the meaning of love to them. Whenever, they find their true partner, they grow to be reliable and focused towards them and enjoy each and every moment of their relationship. These women believe in that relationship which is active, spirited, and filled with strange journeys, wherein both individuals can explore good and bad things about their partners. 

Sagittarius Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Truthful, valiant and bighearted, the Archers or Sagittarius love to stay in their own world, hence they are immersed deep in nature. These folks are very curious in gaining knowledge, as they are intensely interested in philosophy and love to share their views on religious beliefs. They love freedom, and they have a propensity to be confident and independent, get their success easily. The symbol of this Zodiac indicates that these folks demolish a spiritual nature, which depicts their optimistic personality. Their optimism helps them to get over from the most difficult situation. Straightforward is one of the characteristics of the Sagittarians, which can be too harsh for some people to handle.

The ruling planet of the Sagittarius-born is Jupiter, which is also known as the king of the Gods. The approaches and thoughts of these persons are liberal and expansive, just like Jupiter planet. Jupiter work like a magnifying glass for the Sagittarians, since it make the small opportunities look larger to them, that is why they tend to take things for granted, which opens the door for the condemnation of others. However, they are intellectual, who are interested in numerous objects and they can be an extraordinary communicator.

The Sagittarians belongs to the fire element, which signifies their uncontrollable persona, as they never look back and tend to flutter from one thing to another. They never plan their actions; they just do that without thinking anything. The people of this sign are high-spirited, socialize and full of confidence. Adventurous is something they always love to be, they are willing to take risks in their life, as they are not afraid of anything. Besides, being honest and courageous, they are sort of clumsy, since they don’t know how to handle things proficiently.

Sagittarius is the most active sign of the Zodiac, and self-sufficient, bright, careful, sociable and genuine are some of the strengths of these folks. While, agitated, stubborn, impassive and imprecise are few weakness of the Sagittarius-born.

  • SymbolThe Archer
  • ElementFire
  • GroupTheoretical
  • PolarityPositive
  • Favorable Colors Purple
  • Chinese CounterpartRat
  • Ruling PlanetJupiter
  • Cross/QualityMutable
  • House RuledNinth
  • Opposite SignGemini
  • Lucky GemTopaz
  • Sagittarius DateNov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius Stones

The stones which are suitable for the Sagittarians are as follows:

  • Sagittarius Birthstones

The folks who are born in between 22 November – 21 December are considered to be fall under the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius. The birthstone which is appropriate for the Sagittarians is Turquoise.

The symbol of Sagittarius is half of horse and half man, which signifies extreme idealism and dignified ambitions. Therefore, the extreme expression of Sagittarians is a spiritual mind. Turquoise has the ability to lift the spirits of the Sagittarius-born and strengthen them both, physically and emotionally. This stone is believed to be the most petrified, which is spiritually inclined with existing cultures. Turquoise also cures the problems, which are related with eyes, brain, neck, ears and throat. This stone provides supports to the respiratory system of the Sagittarius-born, thereby treats allergies.

  • Other stones for Sagittarius

The other stones which are appropriate for the Sagittarius-born are:

  • Ruby: Ruby is known as queen of the gemstones that is associated with love, attraction and obsession. The folks, who fall under this Zodiac, connect with the spiritual and physical energy that exists in the world, because of this stone.
  • Lapis Lazuli: This stone is considered as the great gemstone as it helps Sagittarians to reveal their inner truth and self-awareness and also be the beneficial stone for them who suffer from depression and disparity.
  • Citrine: This stone is capable enough to reduce the negative energy and connects Sagittarians with spirituality that exists in the world. This stone provide the feeling of affection and comfort to the Sagittarius-born.

The others stones which are suitable for the Sagittarians are Beryl, Sapphire and Amethyst.

Sagittarius Compatibility

The most compatible Zodiac signs for the Sagittarius-born are Aries and Gemini. Sagittarius-Aries, both of these signs are fun-loving, enthusiasm and love to be socialized. Hence, their relationship will turn into the exciting one, as both are always ready for the new experiences. Though, Sagittarius-Gemini both signs are easy-going and comfortable with each other, thus they both make a spectacular match.

The least compatible Zodiac signs for the Sagittarius are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. If Sagittarius and Taurus make a love match, then it would be difficult for them to make their relationship easy-going, as Taurueans are too possessive for their partners, which can restrict the freedom of Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius-Cancer both these signs do not make a good match, as Cancerians are sort of jealous with the independent spirit of Sagittarians.

According to the traits of the Virgo, they demand perfection in their work, while Sagittarius folks are more sociable; hence it will be difficult for them to live in a love match. Although, envious, foremost, secretive describes the Scorpios, while Sagittarius are honest, enthusiastic and passionate. Moreover, if Sagittarius and Capricorn make a love match, then it will grow to be in frustrating one, as Capricorn are conformist and cautious, and Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky personality.