Must Have 7 Pieces in Winter Closet

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Must Have 7 Pieces in Winter Closet

Winters are almost here and it is time to keep your wardrobe ready for the season. With these 7 fashion items, you can not only dazzle your season but also make it comfortable. Read these important things for your closet for winters and stay fashionable even on the most freezing days.

Try Faux Fur

This winter season goes glamorous with the rich and royal faux fur in deep stone colors. They are not only going to keep you warm but will also ensure that your style quotient is really high. Wear them in mufflers of jackets for a hot look. To add more glamour to this clothing, make sure you wear nice earrings with them.


Bright Jackets and Coats

Go bright this season with the bright colored woolen jackets and coats. Wearing a bright colored jacket will make it a happy day for you. Though winters are for dark shades but don’t hesitate to add some striking colors. Wear them with jeans or pants and dress smartly for parties, outings and even formal meetings.


Comfy Fisherman Sweater

Another interesting thing to add to your closet is the comfortable fisherman sweater. It is the best thing to wear on a cold morning when you have to get out of your house. It promises cozy and comfortable wear without letting you compromise with your style and look. Pair it up with a shirt and a pair of jeans. Go for a light color. A white or a pastel shade is a good choice.


Crazy Capes

Markets are loaded with enthralling designer capes to add style and class to your winter closet. You can have them in any color and pattern you like for a fashionable look this season. It ensures warmth and promises a great look. So whether you are dressing for a party or a formal occasion, this is the quickest way to dress in the most elegant manner.


Knee Socks

Go stylish with the smart, comfortable and warm knee socks. They are the best thing to have in your closet this season. Team them up with smart shoes and get that school girl look. They come in various colors and styles. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your essential piece now.


Metallic Sneakers

Comfortable pair of sneakers is a must to buy. But this season goes with a twist, shop for the ones in metallic colors. Go for gold, silver, copper and various shimmery colors to jazz up your footwear collection. You can wear them with any casual outfit and they are going to rock for sure. They will keep your feet warm and your look simply stylish.


Faux Leather Leggings

Whether you wish to dress for a party or you are too late to dress for a meeting, one thing that can help you look classy is a pair of faux leather leggings. This winter season makes sure you buy yourself a pair of black leather leggings. Team them up with a sweater or a jacket or a coat and design different looks for different events.


Add to your wardrobe all these things are you are ready to look fashionable every day of the winter season.

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