Useful fashion tips for the working women

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Useful fashion tips for the working women

Everyone knows and each one of us working women does not find to take care of our skin, our hair, etc. We also suffer from the horrifying Monday Morning Blues. Well, I totally understand how daunting it is but then there are always ways of fighting it.

There are certain hacks that can help you always look fresh and happy. So, here are some very useful and very easy fashion tips to make your working week happy and cheerful.

      Decide your attire for in advance

This is the biggest issue every morning when you are stuck with the whole thing of “what should I wear”. The best way of avoiding this issue is to plan your attire in advance. Do it one day in advance. It would be really helpful and save a lot of your time. And of course, the happiness of not standing in front of your open closet to decide what you should wear is just priceless.


      Keep your clothes ironed

 It literally happens every day but on Monday mornings it’s even more difficult to drag yourself out of the bed. Even a 5 mins extra sleep looks like a blessing. So let yourself enjoy the blessing. If you will keep everything ready in advance you will just have to get up and get ready. This can pep up your spirit to a great extent. So just iron your clothes a day in advance and enjoy that very special extra minutes of sleep.


Keep your handbag ready

It is said that a women’s handbag has a whole world in it. There are certain essentials that you need to have with you every single moment. So, just shove these essentials in your handbag on Sunday night itself so that you do not forget to carry anything. In case you are planning to change your handbag do that also in advance.


      Keep these in your bag

You never know when your dress might slit or when you heel might break. So, to always be ready to face any such situation you should have a self-care kit in your handbag ready always. You can keep a few safety pins, bobby pins, all pins, needle and thread, and such small but very helpful tools in your bag.


      Keep wet tissues and sunscreen handy

The most difficult thing for working women is to take care of their skin. The skin undergoes a lot of wear and tear during the day. Thus, it is very important to take care of it. Of course, it is not possible to clean it again and again and moisturize it when you are out of the house. But, you can definitely keep some wet tissues with you and wipe your skin at least once or twice maybe and apply sunscreen. It would take just 5 minutes but would be quite helpful for your skin.


So, these are some of the very useful and very helpful beauty hacks which will help you take care of yourself and look great always even when you are out for the whole day. So, just follow them and enjoy even your Monday.

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