Styling Tips For Wearing Christmas Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Updated On Dec 2, 2021
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Styling Tips For Wearing Christmas Jewelry

Unfolding the Christmas tale…

If breathing air feels pure joy, if things seem to fall in place, if you see the dots finally connecting, and there's a lot of smiles around you - know that “that time of the year” has finally arrived! You know - the snow, the presents, the carols… Yes, we are talking Christmas! Who doesn’t love celebrations? Big or small, they make us feel hopeful for tomorrow. And Christmas? Well, it’s a different feeling altogether. This festival, this celebration of joy seems to bring our finer feelings to light. Savoring the presence of our loved ones all decked up - a simple pleasure rare these days that is brought to life on the 25th of December, every year. And one quintessential ingredient of a quintessential Christmas eve is the Christmas party. We all know that styling a Christmas setting and styling up for the eve are well-connected. And while taking care of the former, the latter suffers often big time. But don’t let it happen this year. Read this article to find some of the trendiest Christmas jewelry styling tips inside.

But first, let’s find out about the essence of the gift-giving tradition of Christmas!

Christmas and gifting - more than just an annual “merry” tradition

Most of us identify Christmas as a festival where people give and receive gifts from their not-so-secret Santas. In fact, you can very well say that this gift-giving gesture is an archetype of Christmas. But, is that about it? Perhaps no! Here’s all about this typical Christmas tradition of gift-giving grounded in history and the story behind it:

25th December, the day Christians celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, actually evolved from the Pagan traditions of celebrating the Winter Solstice. The Bible mentions the story of “The Three Wise Men” who presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Jesus on his birth. So, the practice of giving gifts, which was thought to do with the collective emotions of gratitude and love that were felt by the people back then, took off. Today, some believe that gifting is nothing but striving to resemble the generous and kind gesture of those wise men. Others see it as a medium of expressing thankfulness to the efforts of people in their lives. In a nutshell, giving Christmas gifts is a tradition for more than just a reason, all of which are beautiful in their own distinct way.

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5 super aesthetic gemstone jewelry for Christmas that ooze breezy holiday vibes

Christmas is all about good times. So, make the festivity all the more beautiful by adding a speck of fashion to it. Below, find a round-up of the top 5 gemstones handcrafted silver jewelry that is selling hot on Christmas:
  1. Diamonds earrings

No wonder why diamond earrings top the list! After all, they are ageless, beautiful Christmas jewelry stones that blend luxe with chic. So this year, if you are looking to celebrate Christmas with a dash of luxury, diamond earrings and you are a match.

  1. Ruby pendant

Believe us, Ruby is the most preferred option when it comes to Christmas jewelry. So, join the tribe and uplift your Christmas look with an enchanting ruby pendant. And well, is it a coincidence that the red color of this bedazzling stone is also a Christmas color?!

  1. Sapphire necklace

Winters are all about jewelry that resembles the chilling vibes. And that’s exactly what Blue Sapphire is! So, buckle up forgetting all that attention this Christmas because your royal sapphire necklace will surely steal a good deal of it for you.


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  1. Garnet studs

Studs are okay. But Garnet studs? That’s class! The deep red color of this splendid gemstone is a gazillion times classy than most other gemstones out there. We honestly cannot recommend garnet jewelry enough - go get your pair of garnet wholesale silver jewelry already!

  1. Tanzanite ring

Tanzanite ring makes for bewitching Christmas gemstone jewelry. Get decked up for Christmas eve with an intense blue tanzanite ring and steal the show. Bonus: If you wear dangling tanzanite earrings, you can skip the necklace and still look as pretty as a picture.


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3 quirky styling tips to ace that Christmas look

As promised, here are 3 of the chicest jewelry styling tips you can count on to rock the celebrations with, this Christmas:
  1. Don’t overdo

Very, very crucial. If you don’t want to look like a decorated Christmas tree, make sure you don’t overdo it with your accessories. Remember the holy grail - less is more!
  1. Choose your core color

Pick a theme color for your Christmas party and wear all your accessories in contrasting shades of the same hue. Trust us, it’s a killer!
  1. Mix and match

The internet-approved jewelry styling tip of “mixing and matching” is one of our favorites. Reason why? You can never go wrong with it! Layer your necklace.

Against a backdrop of colorful fairy lights and X-Mas trees, gemstone jewelry is added glamour. So, why bereft yourself of this pleasure? This Christmas, style up and make way for the Santa - the gemstone way.


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  • Eli
    Aug 10, 2022, 7:04:12 AM

    I remember last Christmas when I wore ruby pendants. The most precious gemstone. Everyone appraised me for my pendants. Its red color gave me a fabulous look. I am a fetish for my ruby pendant.

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