A Teenager? Create your fashion statement with simple fashion tips.

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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A Teenager? Create your fashion statement with simple fashion tips.

When in a teenage, you need to tone up your personality to face the world and the changes that you go through. The way you carry yourself reflects your attitude in life. A good personality counselor will be of great help who can guide you on upkeep both from inside and outside. Fashion tips help you to groom yourself from outside. Follow these simple tips for intense fashion looks:

Know yourself

You should first know yourself as to what do you like in you and also how do you want yourself to be portrayed. You should be sure of what do you wish to wear and how do you carry it.


Go Confident and fearless

Fashion is neither easy to indulge in, nor is it easy to carry. The very important thing to shape up and boost yourself is to be extremely confident and fearless. Fashion definitely smoothens your looks, but you definitely need confidence and fearless attitude. Not to be ignored tip.


Try out Colors

One very important fashion tip for each individual is to connect with the colors you can pose with. Add vibrance and adorn yourself with much bright color dresses like orange, turquoise blue, yellow and others.



Accessories like handbags, belts, scarves, and others can upgrade how do you look. But a lot depends on your selection of the accessories. Beware, over-accessorizing can simply spoil your looks.



Everyone loves something or the other in themselves like eyes, lips, nose or maybe cheekbones. Highlight these with some makeup.


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