15 Jewelry Style Tips You Need To Know

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Updated On Nov 3, 2021
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15 Jewelry Style Tips You Need To Know

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

You know, we know, everyone knows - trends change directions like the wind. You go to sleep watching the Minimal Aesthetic trend taking over the world and the next day, wake up to witness the Back to School fashion spreading like wildfire. But jewelry - it is a core element of every trend that’s out there. It breathes life to fashion, and you just can’t ignore this. So yes, you guessed it right - acing the game of correctly accessorizing your bijou translates to keeping up with the ever-changing trends, always. And luckily, there are some classic holy grail fashion tips jewelry connoisseurs literally swears by. Tempted to find out more about them? Go ahead and read this article where we’re spilling the tea about 15 quintessential tips on how to style jewelry that are ruling the internet and our hearts.

The wait is over! Check out these 15 super chic jewelry style tips ruling the internet

The cat is finally out of the bag. Here are 15 tips and hacks on how to wear jewelry to save your day
  1. Create layers

Layering is the trend that’s hot right now and we’re positive it’s going to stay around for a while. Whether it’s rings, necklaces, bangles, or pendants - creating appealing layers is heartily welcomed everywhere.
  1. Mix them metals

Silver pendant with gold chain. Platinum and rose gold bangles. Wow! But honestly speaking, mixing metals is often a hit or miss case. Yet if it hits, it simply steals the show. And what’s our pro-tip to hit the bull’s eye? Never mix two lookalike metals, like Rose Gold and Gold, together as that may fail to display the ultimate contrast.
  1. Keep swapping

Changing jewelry once in a while is important. So, if you’re in the habit of wearing a piece of jewelry for weeks on end, work on that and try swapping your jewelry at least once a week.
  1. Don’t overdo

Huge no! Never make the grave mistake of overaccessorizing no matter how grand the event is. Maintain a simple yet sophisticated jewelry trousseau for every look, all the time.
  1. Pick your necklace correctly

Again, a very clever jewelry tip! Necklaces can either steal the spotlight or end up becoming frumpily blinding. So, consider your clothing while picking out one.
  1. Accessories in accordance with the clothing

Very, very important! Considering the outfit is a no-brainer when accessorizing. If the dress is heavy, go light with the jewelry. If the dress is casual, feel free to put on jewels your heart out. It’s just that simple, really.
  1. Let earrings do the talking

Earrings are essential. Whether you are styling for a formal office look or getting dressed for a one-day getaway, picking the correct pair of earrings can turn the game around for good.
  1. Experiment your heart out

After all, every best invention was once merely a failed experiment. So, never miss out on the opportunity of experimenting all that you like. Who knows, you might just bump into a whole new style statement of best dresses jewelry?
  1. Choose the focal point of your outfit

A total game-changer! You need to decide what’s the focus point of your whole outfit is going to be? Is it that smocked top? Or those baggy bottoms? Think and then adorn the heart of your outfit with jewels and accessories.
  1. Sentimental pieces? Pair them perfectly

Engagement rings? Mother’s Day pendant? Wearing them daily can get monotonous. Why not try layering to give them a fun twist? Or maybe mix other metals? Sound great to us.
  1. Choose your rings carefully

Rings are the most classy jewelry piece and you certainly don’t want to go wrong with it. But here’s a piece of good news - one can never go wrong with rings. So, when shopping for this beauty, go for the ones that ooze style and eccentricity.
  1. Necklace? Not a compulsion

If you needed to hear this, here it is! Necklaces are not at all a compulsion. If you are wearing a magnificent piece of earrings, feel free to skip the necklace.
  1. Don’t stay loyal to trends too hard

Following trends is good. But ONLY following trends is a problem. So, go out and beyond and do as you please. It’s your jewelry, your personality, your style.
  1. Decide your piece of the day

What’s that one jewelry piece that you want to stand out? Your lavish emerald necklace or those solitaire studs? Once you decide on that, accessorize the rest of your body very lightly.
  1. Finally, follow no rules

The ultimate rule: There’s no rule! When styling jewelry, wear the pieces you feel the most comfortable in and elegance will follow.

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Staying in touch with the latest trends is a temptation none of us can resist. But, isn’t this a sweet guilty pleasure? Sure it is. So, the next time you get all dolled up for your day out, make sure you move out in style with little help from these jewelry style tips.

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    Aug 19, 2022, 6:21:30 AM

    I love to wear jewelry on occasion and on normal days. I always maintain simple and sophisticated jewelry for me. My favorite ring is a turquoise ring, I always wear this ring.

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