Cameo Loose Gemstone Collection

Technically speaking Cameo loose gemstone isn’t a gemstone in the real sense. It is a carving made mostly on onyx or agate but looks equally beautiful on pearl, shells, and sardonyx. Cameos have been popular for a long time now. In fact, the first recorded use of loose Cameo gemstone was during the reign of Alexander the Great and has been popular through the Roman era while also finding acceptance in the European culture.

Healing Properties of Loose Cameo Stone    

When it comes to understanding the healing properties of natural loose Cameo stone, it is important you know the stone that the carvings are done on. This is where the gemstone gets its metaphysical properties from. For example, if the carvings are on corals or shells, the natural Cameo gemstone will help you stay connected with Mother Nature. It will take you closer to nature. 

Additionally, cameos are believed to be stones of passion. They help enhance creativity and brings peace. The stone helps to heal emotional troubles while boosting endurance and will power. 

Buy Loose Cameo Stone    

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