Thai Enamel Jewelry

Jewelry is one thing that enhances and compliments the entire look. In fact, jewelry completes the look and so, there are women who cherish a huge collection of various jewelry pieces. Just like the fashion keeps on changing, so is the trend in jewelry. The market almost every day has a new model doing rounds!

It is never easy to get hands-on different models of jewelry pieces that are beautiful and available in one place. Not anymore, because here is ‘Thai Enamel’, an awesome collection where you can find all your favorite fashion jewelry pieces. 

Ranging from the smaller piece to the heavy jewelry the ‘Thai Enamel’ brand has all of it in store. A sheer glance at the unique collection of Thai Enamel jewelry will make you fall in love with it! If you love colorful jewelry, you will surely adore the vivid pieces of jewelry in the Thai Enamel brand. The finest designs in our store have their beauty enhanced with enamel paint, which in fact makes them the most desirable ones. We see people thronging our stocks to get themselves their favorite enamel jewelry. Apart from the enamel jewelry, we have gemstone jewelry that is the hotshot in fashion, currently, silver pieces, customizable or themed jewelry. 

History of ‘Thai Enamel’ jewelry

If the ultimate goal of the Thai Enamel brand must be described, then it is nothing but – providing fine jewelry made by our finest craftsman. The passion and the love that the craftsmen put in making the jewelry makes them unique and worth it. 

Come visit ‘Brand name’ – you will never leave empty hands. We have been successfully carrying out the jewelry making and selling only because we give the topmost priority to customer satisfaction.  Understanding the jewelry needs that every woman has we made it a point to have wholesale jewelry pieces with us. With this, it made it easy for the woman to get their favorite jewelry at the best price tags. Another best thing is that the wholesale range of jewelry we have lets you set up your own jewelry business or for other commercial purposes. Isn’t that cool enough to grab them all?! Definitely, yes! 

Customized ‘‘Thai Enamel’ jewelry

We have craftsman from the various parts of the world, that has all the skill to make jewelry as per the choice of our customers. Yes, you got that right – we have customizable jewelry. Customizable bracelets, ear cuffs, finger rings, neckpieces are stocked at the best. 

We do not like to disappoint our customers and so, maintain a good number of stocks that meet the demand perfectly. And so, there can be hardly anyone that leaves disappointed. The handcrafted Thai jewelry with the enamel twist is available in various colors.  
We invite you to check out our Thai enamel jewelry collection right away. Now you can avail earrings, neckpieces, ear cuffs, bracelets and many more at exciting rates. Also, do not forget to check our other collections, too. 

This is a call to all the fashionistas out there; get your hands on them on! 

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Stock Cleared!

Currently, We are in the process of making new inventories. But till that you can check out the trending collection of Turquoise, Kyanite and Opal jewelry.