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The opals are very interesting gemstones and we love them. While growing up in the baker's field I use to accompany my mom to the jewelry shows around and was always fascinated with opals. But as they were very expensive we were not able to afford one at that time. when I grew up and did my jewelry designing course I was in search to find an alternative to this beauty so like me everyone can afford one.

The synthetic Australian opal is the answer. With all the characteristics of the real opal, you would not have to shed our 1000's of dollars to be able to afford one and can have a co0llection that you can change and wear according to your mood. I have created many designs that I like and keep on traveling and working on more each month. check our my collection.

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Currently, We are in the process of making new inventories. But till that you can check out the trending collection of Turquoise, Kyanite and Opal jewelry.