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Chains are the piece of jewels made up of metal s, Jewelry chains are mostly made up of precious alloy like silver, gold, and platinum these metal are used because they are not reactive hence it keeps one skin safe from all the skin reactions these are used to encircle parts of the body like neck, wrist, ankle, and wrist they also serve as a point to hand decorative charms, pendants of various shapes and designs. The chain can be customized by the wearer by selecting width and length accordingly chain is attached with small hook forming dollar like structure which is used to undone and redone this ornament hence this gives ease to the wearer. Chains are worn by both men and women across the world chains are the integral part of ornaments since the ancient civilization.

Chains are available in various varieties which are given below:

 TRACE:  which is the simplest style of the chain having uniform thickness and breath and can be very delicate in nature?

ROLO: Link of Rolo chain is round this deigns of Rolo chain help this making this type of chain looks simple yet stylish.

SINGAPORE: This may also be called twisted curb, but the links are joined in such a way that, even when the chain is untwisted, there is always a natural curve to it. 

ROPE: Rope chain creates the effect of two twisting strands spiraled together, created by many small links that are not completely joined.


Chains look highly appealing with their refreshing and attractive designs created by our craftsman’s


When passion gets combined with creativity and hard work the result is always awesome and that is what we do at gemexi. We create enthralling jewels with passion and complete dedication.

Gemexi has got an experienced and supportive customer care service that helps in the easy and quick customization of jewelry for our customers. All you need  to do is to contact  our customer care team in order to get the jewelry  customized

Gemexi is the perfect destination to find beautiful chain which complement you pendants discover the joy of beautiful jewels at Gemexi!

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