Bijoux Royale

Human beings and body ornamentation have a very long history. As a matter of fact, the usage of jewelry predates our history of writing. Historians consider this to be a part of human evolution. As we evolved, our tastes evolved, our choices evolved, and so did our options. Hence, it is no surprise that our jewelry has also evolved with time. From wood and ivory to diamond and platinum. The entire nine yards, as they say. 

Bijoux (singular: Bijou) is a French word that means jewelry. These superbly crafted ornaments are a result of the evolution of human jewelry art and craftsmanship. Bijoux jewelry is somewhat different from the traditional jewelry that we wear every day. These are more intricate and carries a lot of finesse. Needless to say, they also require top-notch skills backed by a passion to create something exquisite.

Besides its decorative purpose, bijoux jewelry also serves other purposes. They can send signals about the wearer to the others. These are like silent announcers telling the world about the wearer. Bijoux jewelry can be used to tell others a few things about the wearer. For example, in high society gatherings, bijoux jewelry can reveal the social status of the wearer like, whether she or he is married, single, debutant(e), etc. Sometimes they can also be worn to show membership or allegiance to a particular group, based on religion, ethnicity or sports team. But this does not mean that bijoux jewelry is not fit for daily use. Many people put them on handbags, stoles, hats, scarves, etc. Basically, with bijoux jewelry, the usage is limited by imagination. 

About Bijoux Jewelry

Bijoux jewelry is a niche category for us. We specialize in creating these exhilarating works of art. Our range is quite extensive and can cater to a wide range of customer choices and wishes. With the countdown to the festive season, it has already begun, we have brought in a whole range of new styles and designs for our customers to choose from. We are very confident that something from our collection will surely catch your fancy. Plus, we are adding new jewelry every day, and so, our collection is ever-expanding.  

Customized Bijoux Jewelry

Bijoux jewelry is made to send signals in a subtle way. And what could be a better way to do so other than customizing such jewelry at Gemexi. Customizing also makes them more personal. We understand this wish of our customers and therefore, we are ever ready to customize our jewelry. If it is for someone special, we can make the perfect customization. Customizing a bijou ornament makes it a perfect gift during the festive seasons. 

So, don’t wait for last-minute shopping. The old saying, referring to an early bird getting the prize, holds true even today. Though we have an extensive collection, the numbers are limited. With the festive shopping spree has already started, it would be a folly to wait. 

Visit us today, and the grab the best ones before someone else does so! 

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Stock Cleared!

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