Artisan Pearl Jewelry

If you are a lover of handmade artisan silver jewelry and are always at the lookout for spectacular silver and gemstones combinations, you will know the value of pearl handmade jewelry. Pearls have the power to stand out, on every occasion. Even the tiniest pearl earrings can complete the look of a simple dress worn for a special occasion. It is not surprising that pearls are one of the most popular gemstones which have been adorned by possibly all women. Pearl silver jewelry has a long history. If you visit the Louvre in France today you will see in display a pearl necklace that was worn by Persian queen Achaemenid some four thousand years ago. The famed historical beauty Cleopatra was known for her love for pearls. In fact, it is believed that Cleopatra regularly drank a wine that was specially made from ground pearls!


The beauty of this gemstone is that it comes in quite a few colors and in numerous shapes that if you only have, for example, a pearl rose gold collection, you have all that you can need to stand out from the crowd. But there are more reasons why you should have an enviable pearl collection in your jewelry box. Pearls are highly regarded for their metaphysical properties and are known to help heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


Metaphysical Properties of Pearl


Popularly known as the stone of sincerity, pearls are symbols of purity and innocence. It is believed that keeping pearls close to oneself enhances a person’s integrity and clears the mind. Keeping pearl gold jewelry not only enhances a person’s look but also guides one towards spirituality and wisdom. Pearls have a calming effect on any wearer. In fact, pearls are cold gemstones and you can feel a cool sensation every time you adorn the beautiful gemstones. 


Identifying Real Pearls


The backside of the immense popularity of pearls is that you can easily find fake versions of this gemstone readily available in the market. But if you are a true fan of handmade artisan jewelry and value artisan silver jewelry you should always do a few pearl tests before making any purchase. If a pearl earrings price doesn’t reveal its authenticity to you, take the pearl piece between your teeth and rub it. If it scratches, it is a real gemstone whereas if it doesn’t it is a fake one.  


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