Tourmaline In Quartz - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Tourmaline quartz exhibits the properties of Tourmaline as well as of quartz crystal. Tourmaline is known to purify a person's energies protect them from all negative influences, and the quartz part in the gemstone focuses the powers on the body. The coupling of Tourmaline quartz is a great protective tool that can help the user and control negative energy and convert into positive energy. Tourmaline in quartz stones does not come in any particular color and can be obtained in various colors like pink, blue, red and yellow. Further, they are also available in emerald green, neon blue, lime green, bluish black hues. Tourmaline in quartz is found in many shades that no other gemstone is found.

Tourmaline in quartz makes the body stronger so it can protect itself against all the external attacks and divert harmful environmental influences. It is presumed to represent unity and is a great problem solver. Its capability to destroy the negative energy can be put to use in order to reduce the negative or enmities in relationships and different situations. The gemstone balances the influence of negative and positive impacts. 

Tourmaline in a quartz exercises beneficial calming process that will bring you to mitigate your stress. Suppose; if you feel stressed by the events in everyday life, the gemstone will bring you great relief from the stress.

When you use tourmaline in quartz in combination with Druzy crystal, it will help you achieve accord and poise. Tourmaline in quartz will remind you when to slow down and when to work very hard.  It will let you know when to cease from working further because you have worked adequately. It will bring you great insight and help you understand what is right for your life. 

Where is Tourmaline In Quartz found?

Relevant sources are the United States, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Siberia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Brazil, Kenya, Africa, Afghanistan, and Australia.
Tourmaline occurs as a mineral in the metamorphic and igneous rocks in the interior of the earth. The crystals in large size are formed in fractures and cavities in geological transformation. 


Healing Properties

Tourmaline in quartz is an excellent gemstone with healing powers. It can make your nervous system stronger and formulate the blood and lymph system work more effectively. 
It will cure headaches and migraines. It will boost your vitality and physical stamina. In skin disorders, the gemstone is of great help. 

If you are obese and suffer from overweight, Tourmaline quartz will work wonders – it will help lose your weight and with the reduction cellulite. Tourmaline in quartz is excellent to boost your wealth too.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that could help you enhance your wealth and assets. It will enable you to learn to tackle hard people in your business, at the workplace and elsewhere. It will enable you to keep your attributes attuned to the need of your business since the start of your business until the close. The gemstone prompts you to commit in your to complete your goals and to find new ways to settle problems that are likely to crop up.

Tourmaline In Quartz Facts

Tourmaline in quartz is a group of different minerals with distinct chemical structure. The crystal system is hexagonal. 
Tourmaline is a hard gemstone, which makes it stay for long in the form of sedimentary rocks.
The gemstone varies from transparent to completely opaque
It belongs to the class of minerals called Tourmaline.
The name Tourmaline hails from the Sinhalese words Turamali. Turamali means gemstones of mixed colors and unknown origin.

Metaphysical Properties

Tourmaline in quartz is a gemstone endowed with incredible powers. It will make your personality shine amid your friends and relations by improving the existing relationships and building new ones. It will bring you strong all the good in its wake by enabling you in influencing all around you. 
You will be kind and tolerant
Tourmaline in quartz will make you sympathetic, and you will now be able to bear with patience the various challenges that conformant. You can get help from it, in reconciling mutually opposite parties and that thus enable you to reach success.
Tourmaline Quartz will remove negative thoughts
The gemstone will do away with all the negative thoughts and eliminate the stress, anxiety, and the feeling of unworthiness. 
It will cure emotional injuries
The gemstone will support you as you gain strength from your hurt mind. It will bring you the new force and enable you to try once more. It will make you stronger by facing boldly the emotional challenges that confront yours. 
It will reinforce the love that you have for other and will help you remove all pain and agony. 
You will be able to find solutions to problems in your relationship. You will be able to use your intuition to become a better as an individual and a partner. 
Tourmaline in quartz will help you will help maintain the cool in challenging situations. You can handle the conditions, which otherwise you could not.
You will be mentally stronger and courageous
The gemstone will remove all the doubts and negative feeling about you. Now you are confident enough to face the real situation that is ahead. The energy of the gemstone will enable you to keep your cool and exercise patience without being panicked by the circumstances. You will understand how to deal with difficult people without creating a notion of guilt or being partial. 
It will make you kind
You will be bestowed with forgiveness, and you will readily agree with the other party to build an understanding by carefully considering and being empathetic to the other party if the situation so demands. Your pride will not guide you. You will move according to the principles of love and your desire to continue an enduring relationship.  
You will be more sympathetic and considerate. You will view everyone from the perspective of a human being like you. You will be more passionate to listen and understand people. The gemstone will show how to become sympathetic to others. 
Tourmaline will make you happy
The gemstone will create the feeling of joy. You will be pleased with what you have – your family, wealth and a great relationship. You will have all the psychological ability to face all the challenges in real life. 
You will have enough courage to confront the apprehensions in relationships and love or when you are getting closer to someone. It will enable you to wait and take the chance on time. 
Tourmaline is a stress-buster
This stone will bring all the energies that come as a result of love. It will get rid of the stress that is because of your being in a relationship with others. It will enable you to offer your love and friendships conditionally. 
Tourmaline in quartz will enable you to sit open heart with others and negotiate. It will bring you relief by healing the injuries in the heart. 

Tourmaline In Quartz In News

Tourmaline In Quartz Color

Tourmaline is available in numerous colours. It is available in all colors. However, the colors like red, pink, blue, green and a combination of colors are more common.

Technically speaking, Tourmaline is not just one mineral. It is a cluster of minerals bonded together because of the chemical and physical properties. 

  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesSagenitic Quartz
  • Crystal Habit6-sided prism ending in 6-sided pyramid (typical), drusy, fine-grained to microcrystalline, massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.544-1.553Â
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesWorldwide
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorColorless With Tourmaline Inclusions Commonly Black
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiaclibra,scorpio
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