Tourmaline In Quartz - The Best Remedies For Anger And Stress

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Tourmaline In Quartz - The Best Remedies For Anger And Stress


Hey Capricorns, this might interest you a bit more than it does the other. So, here is it – Tourmaline in quartz. Sounds quite familiar right?! Well, this is because the tourmaline in quartz is the gemstone pertaining to all you Capricorns out there. This birthstone is conventional for the reason of working together with all the positive aspects of life. 

 Did you actually know that this gemstone is renowned to deal effectively over ‘anger’ and ‘stress levels’? Just in case you are not familiar with this fact, check this out as this might help you or your loved ones. 

What is Tourmaline in quartz? 

The tourmaline in quartz is basically like any other gemstone found in abundance in nature. Interestingly there is much more about this gem. Want to know why? Then you need to keep following the details. 

The tourmaline in quartz is said to be a combination of the black tourmaline and the crystal quartz, forming the most beautiful gem. The origin of this gemstone dates back to times immemorial. 

Talking about this gemstone, in particular, it has a translucent or opaque body that shows needle-like structures amid the stone. These structures are known to be ‘Schorl’.

What does it do? 

The right question at the right place! Well, there are many healing properties of tourmaline in quartz. One of such tourmaline in quartz healing properties is that it makes the best use of all your energies in a productive manner. In order words, it channelizes the unutilized energies for good. It also reforms or purifies your energies into positive ones. 

Another fascinating benefit of tourmaline in quartz is that it effectively connects to all the seven chakras in the human body. Well, this phenomenon is rare as there are just a few of the gemstones that can possibly do this. 

Honesty is the best policy and to your delight, this gemstone calls on the honesty policy in you. With honesty in you, you no longer have to worry about any kind of confrontations or so. It gets in clarity into your thought process which in turn helps you to pursue your goals in a better manner. 
The tourmaline in quartz is also known to be the premium crystal that helps you to cope up with your fears and move ahead in life. Wearing this gem in contact with your skin brings you good luck and protects you from any kind of worldly evils or negativity. 




Tourmaline in Quartz to Combat Stress: 

Stress is one psychological issue that bothers almost everyone at some point in life. In case you were never able to remove stress, then it is time to feel glad as Tourmaline in Quartz can help you say goodbye to stress and its associated problems. Stress when left unanswered leads to sorrow or distress which is generally difficult to handle. As we all know one problem leads to another. Hence, it is better to answer back your stress with tourmaline in quartz. It effectively handles your stress and makes you a happy being.

Now here is a tip, meditating with tourmaline in quartz or black tourmaline helps you to get the utmost benefits of the stone. 

Tourmaline for Anger: 

Anger is one emotion that rushes down the nerves when you are disturbed, irritated or not happy with something or someone. Though this is one of the natural emotions that humans have got but too much of the same is not at all good! It is rightly said that too much of anything is not good, and the same applies here. The tourmaline in quartz or the black tourmaline is beneficial for all those of you who are finding it hard to deal with anger issues. The one thing that is suggested to do when in uncontrollable anger is to take the tourmaline into your hand and place it on the crown or the forehead. This will help you to calm down instantly and hence avoiding distress. People using this say that they felt the anger dispersing out of them. 

Here controlling the emotion is not the deal but handling it in a way that it is calmed down is what tourmaline does. You can actually wear a tourmaline pendant, necklace, bracelet, rings, etc just to make sure there are intact in contact with your skin. 

There is a piece of good news since the wholesale tourmaline in quartz is the best deal running in the market. Also, you can find enchanting designs in the silver Tourmaline in Quartz jewelry range. Do check out the current offers before you shop.

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