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The word Tektite comes from the Greek term ‘tektos’ that means molten. Tektites are actually attractive and beautiful gravel shaped bodies consisting of glass. This glass got formed from the terrestrial debris that resulted from meteorite impacts. Having a rich presence of silicon dioxide, the hardness of 5.5-6.5 and an amorphous crystal system, Tektites are welcomed in the jewelry world. The beautiful looking Tektite is found in a few amazing shades including black, grey and few more. 

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Where is Tektite found?

The significant locations of Tektite include North America, Southeast Asia, China, Africa, and Australia. 

Healing Properties

Helps in improving the psychic powers – Tektites are believed to improve the psychic abilities of its wearer.
Helps achieve the right flow of energy – By creating the right balance between the lower and the upper chakras, the Tektite stones help in inducing the right flow of energy in the wearer’s body.
Helps recall dreams – The tektite stones are also loved for their support and help which they provide in dream recalling. 
Helps fight daily struggles – As Tektite promotes right balance and flow of energy in your body, you get to deal with your daily struggles in a smooth and positive way. 
Clarifies the negative energy – If you want to clarify the negative energy or the negative vibrations around you, use Tektite as it helps in clarifying the negative energy. 
Helps provide clearer thinking – Using Tektite, one can remove any sort of blockage in the lower chakras. This is believed to promote clarity in thought procedure. 


Tektite Facts

• The main chakra on which Tektite works is the Crown Chakra. 
• Tektites have amorphous crystal system. 
• Tektite is honored as an amazing stone that helps people of various zodiac signs. However, it is particularly beneficial for the Sagittarians. 
• Undoubtedly, the Tektite stone has an opaque appearance and it also portrays uneven surface but still, it looks exceptionally beautiful and gives a royal look to its wearer when worn in form of jewelry. 
• Originally, the Tektites have a rough surface but when polished carefully, these stones give out an amazing sheen. 
• The tektite stones are often associated with stability and augmentation. 
• It is believed that Tektites contain strong energy which reaches deep within the wearer’s body and affects almost all body organs. 
• Tektites are about fourteen million years old.
• The Tibetan Tektite is known as “The Telepathy Stone”. 
• Tektite stones contain strong vibrations. These vibrations or high-frequency energy works wonders for the wearer when combined with Jasper. 
• The chemical composition often varies in different specimens of Tektite. However, they are frequently silica glass containing magnesium, iron, etc. 


Metaphysical Properties

Those who wish to expand their energy fields can trust and use Tektites as they help expand the energy fields of the wearer. Tektites are considered a strong option for meditation. Opening up your deep consciousness, they help you connect with the spiritual world in a smooth manner. Thus, if you want to experience better meditation, use Tektite! It does not only improve your concentration power but also enhances your telepathic abilities. 

Tektite is an amazing stone for promoting physical healing also. It aids in quick recovery and also fortifies the immune system. Awakening the kundalini energy within its wearer, the Tektite stone makes sure that its wearer feels stronger and better both physically as well as mentally. Opening your thought procedure and providing a broader vision, the tektite stone also helps in the better exploration of dreams. The Tektite stones are also helpful in integrating the higher energies of other realms. Tektites are also loved and respected as strong stones of sensitivity and psychic capabilities. 

Use the beautiful looking Tektites to promote intelligence and create interest for knowledge within you. This opaque stone also helps you overcome any sort of emotional catastrophe. The stone is also recommended for inducing lucid dreaming in the wearer.

Tektite at a Glance

Cleavage None
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit NA
Streak white
Refractive Index 1.49-1.52
Diaphaneity Translucent - Opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 5.5-6.5
Sources North America, Ivory Coast, Australis, Philippines, Java, Borneo, Thailand, And Tibet
Chemical formula SiO2 (70%)
Lustre Vitreous
Color Green, Olive Green, Light Yellow To Yellowish Green, Black, Dark Brown, Colorless
Chakra Healing Root or base chakra
Birthstone March
Zodiac Aries

Tektite Color

The age-old extraterrestrial tektites are found in the beautiful hues of black, green, silver and metallic grey! 

Tektite In News

October 9, 2019

Reasons Why Tektite Is Famous In Gemstones

Written by Gemexi Posted In : Gemstone Healing

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Reasons Why Tektite Is Famous In Gemstones

The Tektite stone is mainly famous for its significant healing powers. It is actually a powerhouse of healing abilities....

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Emma White
My love for black drives me to this beautiful gemstone. I wished to wear it but this is not suitable for me as per my zodiac sign.
Hard luck!!!
will go for another black gemstone.
Reply on 26/10/18
nicole judy
Tektite is good for both Aries and Cancer or only for Aries??
My zodiac sign is Aries I need to be confirmed before buying it.
Reply on 11/4/19
This stone looks very different from other stone and I love to wear it.
Reply on 29/5/19
This is an amazing stone for his physical healing properties.
Reply on 29/5/19
Is this stone really helps in dream recalling?
Reply on 28/7/19
Very helpful healing properties.
Reply on 11/9/19
I love tektite stone very much! I always used to wear it and get a realization of its beautiful healing powers.
Reply on 5/11/19

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