Reasons Why Tektite Is Famous In Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Reasons Why Tektite Is Famous In Gemstones


There are numerous precious and semi-precious gemstones and crystals that are collected and valued by jewelry collectors. But out of them all, tektite holds a special place and is famous for its healing properties and rarity. The first tektites were discovered in the year 1787 in Czechoslovakia by Moldau River. This gemstone is also referred to as moldavites. It has a shiny green color although there are other color variants in different parts of the world. 
There are many theories regarding the origin of tektites. Some believe that they are from outer space while others believe that they were formed because of the impact of a meteorite. The chemical composition of this gemstone is silicon dioxide and they do not have any crystallites. They may have inclusions of torpedo or round-shaped bubbles within them. Tektite which is original and of high quality is quite rare and so you must be careful while buying one. Tektites other than moldavites are found in the Far East, Australia, the Middle East, the Philippines and some countries of Asia. 

Tektite healing properties which make it famous: 

  • Tektites are known to bring with it good luck especially to those who are planning to have a child. You can consider Tektite as a great talisman for fertility. This is because it balances the female and male energies and helps in conceiving a baby. It is wide
  • This stone is believed to protect from negative and evil energies. This way it brings with it security and safety and brings firmness in the wearer. If you are getting bad dreams or have fear of some object then you can get rid of it using this crystal. 
  • If you want to let go of your past negative experiences and want to make a fresh start in your personal or professional life, then this stone will help you in that. It helps you remember lessons that you learned from the past so that you can grow spiritually. 
  • It gives you a broader perspective to analyze situations so that you can make decisions more wisely. 
  • Spiritually, it is known to improve communication with the extra-terrestrial world thereby propagating spiritual growth. It seems to create a link between matter and creative energy. 
  • It can also heal you physically by reducing fever, enhancing the circulation and capillaries and builds up immunity, thereby preventing transmission of diseases. 




  • If you are looking to learn the art of telepathy i.e. communicate with the other world then meditating with Tektite will help. Wearing this stone expands the energy field, promotes psychic sensitivity and cleanses and opens the lower chakras too. 
  • Tektites hold the power to expand one’s consciousness, clairvoyance. Also one of the significant benefits of the tektite is that it helps one to explore his dreams. 
  • People who are facing stress and depression can heal from this stone as it helps in overcoming the emotional crisis. It helps in acquiring knowledge and wisdom. 
  • It can strengthen the energy field of the wearer and can help in astral travel or seeing lucid dreams. While meditating with this stone you can disconnect from worldly desires. 
  • Tektite in the form of moldavite can be used to cure cholera, leprosy, polio, and jaundice and prevent its spread. 
  • It can also prevent metastasis, protect from cancer and improves blood circulation and immunity. 
  • As this stone has warm irradiation, it can bring a positive attitude, contentment, and joy to the wearer. 

Care to be taken:
When you are using tektites for the healing properties of tektites then you should make sure that you cleanse it quite often using running water. To charge this gemstone you can place it under intense sunlight during noontime. You can use the ultrasonic cleaning method to clean this gemstone. You must take care to protect this gemstone from sudden temperature changes, high heat, and scratches. It is important to discharge this crystal at least once a month and then charge it back.

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