Tektite Jewelry

Tektite - A Brief Introduction 

Tektites are considered as natural glass objects that have meteorite origin. They are gravel-sized objects that are mostly found in black, dark green, gray and brown shades. It is said and widely believed that Tektites got formed at high pressures and temperatures and they got created from terrestrial wreckage which was expelled out in meteorite impacts. The Tektite stones are found in different shades shapes as well as surface sculpture.  Some specimens may be lustrous in appearance while others may reflect frail gleam.

Tektite – Few Significant Historical Facts

The term Tektite has been taken from the word ‘tÄ“ktos’ which means melted/molten. Since their discovery, Tektites have always remained a great subject of mystery and curiosity, especially among the scientists. Earlier, the mystery of their origin remained unsolved but now it has been widely accepted that Tektites are created from the melting procedure and fast cooling of the terrestrial rocks.

Where is Tektite Found?

Though Tektite is found at various places around the world, the major localities for the same include Australia, Tasmania, Java, Russia, Czech Republic, Philippines, Ivory Coast, Tibet, Borneo, North America, and Thailand. 

The Beautiful & Popular Styles of Tektite Jewelry 

The very attractive and opaque Tektite stone comes with an uneven surface. When you will touch it, you will feel it very dry. However, when Tektite is polished, it gives out beautiful luster. The beautiful Tektite jewelry comes in varied styles including lustrous tektite pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry forms. The sparkling jewelry made of Tektite will not only help enhance the beauty of the wearer but it will also provide many amazing benefits. For example, Tektite is considered great for meditation. Using this stone can help you improve your telepathic abilities. Wearing Tektite also helps in enlarging the energy field of the wearer. It works nicely on the lower chakras and helps cleanse them. 

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