Spotlight on Spiny Oyster Turquoise Stone Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Dec 3, 2022
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Spotlight on Spiny Oyster Turquoise Stone Jewelry

From food to nature, who doesn't love having colors all around? But the colorful and vibrant jewelry of marine origins takes this bright color game to the next level. There are popping hues of shining colors that make the perfect beach jewelry also perfect for casual hangouts and exquisite dinners. The spiny oyster turquoise jewelry is the perfect embodiment of color blasts along with healing elements.

Spiny Oyster Turquoise

If you're wondering what spiny oyster turquoise is, then let us begin with that. The spiny oyster belongs to a large family of mollusks and is not actually an oyster but it is related to scallops. They live in the warm waters and thrive from North Carolina to Brazil. The orange shells of spiny oysters are the most attractive and make gorgeous jewelry pieces. While discussing what is oyster turquoise, it is important to mention that they have been found by archaeologists in their excavations of artworks and jewelry from centuries ago. Therefore it gets difficult to point out exactly when the southwestern tribes discovered these things, but one can assume that they acquired the taste for spiny oyster turquoise with their trade with the Spaniards.


Benefits of wearing spiny oyster turquoise

There are numerous benefits of spiny oyster turquoise for the wearer.
  1. The jewelry interacts with the physical body and helps in improving the health of the brain, eyes, ears, neck, and respiratory system.
  2.  It also enhances the capacity of the body against viral infections and reduces the impact of pollution.  
  3. Spiny oyster turquoise has great benefits for the digestive system as it helps in the absorption of all the right nutrients and manages stomach and kidney health.
  4.  These jewelry pieces are also very common with teenagers and adults as they help in physical growth and increase muscular strength while relaxing cramps.  
  5. Some people also believe that wearing spiny oyster turquoise helps them get reminded of drinking water.
  6.  It is also great for mental health and can calm down your mind.  
  7. The spiny oyster turquoise also promotes emotional healing and reduces anxiety and stress.
  8.  From promoting heart health to dispelling depression and impatience, the spiny oyster turquoise brings excellent improvements to your physical and mental well-being.  
  9. The spiny oyster also pairs well with turquoise to promote creativity, compassion, serenity, insights, and intuition and brings peace of mind.

How are they made?

Most people often wonder how spiny oyster turquoise is made. The art of using items from nature has been an intrinsic trait of the Navajo, who were probably introduced to silversmithing by the Spanish. Since the early times, people have been using these marine finds as gorgeous jewelry to adorn themselves. Right now, spiny oysters are harvested by free diving into the water to collect the bivalves. They can be situated at any depth of the water and sometimes may require a heavy struggle to attain them. This is what determines their cost. The harder it is to acquire the spiny oyster, the costliest it is going to be. Many divers also use air tanks now, while diving.

Staying unique, always

The vibrant and wide variety of colors that spiny oyster turquoise offers is the key reason why it is so famous. When paired with other stones, they can also create a breathtaking contrast. No matter what the occasion is, you can always trust upon a piece of spiny oyster turquoise to lift up your style game.

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  • cole
    Sep 2, 2022, 6:58:34 AM

    Turquoise is my birth month stone, after knowing all these facts and healing properties of this gemstone, I will definitely wear this.

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