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When life gets too chaotic and nothing seems to bring calm, it is time to have faith in the mystical powers of gemstones, minerals and crystals. They hold unbelievable powers for those who believe in them. Serpentine is one such gemstone which is powerful, vibrant and which has intuitive energies that can heal any soul. It is a stone that can truly guide us towards our true purpose in life. Serpentine is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate and is popular because of its gem-like quality. While green is the dominant color of this stone, there are many other shades to this stone primarily yellow and brown. While there are many varieties of Serpentine mined from many parts of the world, there are two basic aggregate structures that are gemstone worthy – antigorite and chrysotile. Antigorite is a solid and gemmy variety of Serpentine and is usually platy whereas Chrysotile is more fibrous and crystallized. The Chrysotile variety isn’t used as gemstone because of the presence of ‘asbestos’ which causes asbestosis, a health hazard for the lungs. Thus only antigorite is used for making gemstone jewelry making. Serpentine’s unique nature is further accentuated by the fact that its physical properties can vary to such an extent that no two Serpentine stone can be said to have the same properties. Serpentine (of the antigorite variety) are further categorized into two kinds – noble serpentine and precious serpentine. 

Where is Serpentine found?

Though Serpentine is composed of magnesium silicate, traces of iron have been found on it as well. Chromium, nickel and cobalt have also been found in this stone. It is a translucent stone that is not exactly a hard stone. In fact its hardness can range between 2.5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale depending upon the composition. It has a greasy, waxy and silky luster that often makes it look like Nephrite Jade. However Nephrite Jade is harder and much more tougher than Serpentine.

Serpentine in its various compositions are found in many parts of the world but most significantly in Afghanistan, Canada, Britain, Greece, Cyprus, China, Russia, Korea, France, Austria, Myanmar, India, Norway, New Zealand, Italy and the USA.

Healing Properties

In many cultures and traditions the mere name Serpentine would at once draw gasps from one and all. It is believed that the stone gets its name from the word “serpent” and since we are pre-dominantly talking about a green colored stone, its association with snakes has always been very strong. It has both been used as an ornamental stone as well as a healing stone. There have been many believes associated with the stone ranging from how it can help a wearer fight disease to how it can ward off the evil eyes surrounding a person. It has also been regarded as a powerful meditative stone that helps wearers find their inner peace. Serpentine is known to arouse the Kundalini energies. 

  • Physical Healing – Serpentine has for ages been used to help heal numerous health problems. It is known to help heal pain in the kidney. It also relieves stomach cramps and eases tension. 
  • Emotional Healing – Serpentine is an energy booster. It helps you stay motivated and zealous about your work. The green color of the stone is believed to help heal a person emtionaly. If you are going through any emotional strain, keeping the stone close by can help. Moreover since the stone awakens the Kundalini energies that reside within the body, it also further helps to strengthen one’s emotional condition. 
  • Spiritual Healing – One of the most amazing qualities of a Serpentine stone is its superlative powers over the Kundalini. If you want to activate your Kundalini, then there is hardly a better stone than Serpentine. The Kundalini energy which is also known as the Serpent Power resides in the base of the spine and when roused is extremely potent and effective.
  • Chakra Healing – Serpentine is known to stimulate the Crown Chakra. Not only does it invigorate the crown chakra but it also stimulates all the other chakras within the human body making a wearer feel more alive and awakened than ever before. Since the stone works closely with the Kundaline energies, it is considered to be a potent and powerful stone.

Serpentine Facts

  • Serpentine is a green-colored stone
  • Has been revered for centuries by various cultures and traditions
  • Serpentine is found in two aggregate structures - antigorite and chrysotile
  • Only Antigorite variety is used for jewelry making
  • Chrysotile consists of asbestos which is harmful for the lungs
  • Serpentine is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate
  • No two Serpentine have same compositions, there are variations in each stone
  • There are two kinds of stone - noble serpentine and precious serpentine
  • Is generally a soft stone and measures only between 2.5 to 5.5 on the Mohs Scale
  • Found significantly in Afghanistan, Canada, Britain, Greece, Cyprus, China, Russia, Korea, France, Austria, Myanmar, India, Norway, New Zealand, Italy and the USA
  • Known to awaken the Kundalini energies
  • Works to heal a person physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Works to activate the Crown Chakra 

Metaphysical Properties

Serpentine is known and acknowledged for its metaphysical properties. It is a stone that helps a person see himself in a better light. It is a stone that activates the residing energies within the body. The stone helps a wearer see things around him positively. Since it is one of the most potent stones that stimulates the Kundalini energies, it helps a wearer stay positive and zealous always. Wearing the stone or simply keeping it close is known to be effective.

Serpentine In News

Serpentine Color

Serpentine is a green colored stone. However, the greenish tinge varies from stone to stone – from white to yellow and also grey.

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  • Zodiaccapricorn


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