Petalite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Petalite Gemstone jewelry is a rare colorless gem which is a real favorite with most of the collectors around the planet. As its unusual perfect cleavage can sometimes appear leaf-like in pattern Petalite's name. It is derived from the Greek word for a leaf petal. 

Healing Properties

Stone of Intent - Petalite is very well known as the stone of the intent. It is so because make your intentions manifest in your life. It can change your life and make dreams come true with hard work and preservance. Petalite stone has the ability to protect its wearer from negative energies, harmful spells, and bad intentions. 

Helps contact with angelic realm - Petalite gemstone works excellent which helps you to make contact with your guides and the angelic realm. Petalite gemstone is a crystal of strong purpose. But in the end, you need to keep in mind about the end results. Petalite gemstone is a stone that will pick up the thoughts of the wearer and can assist the manifestation of it.

Petalite Facts

Faceted Petalite gems and specimens are normally gets prized by gemstone and mineral collectors. Petalite is usually available colorless. Large crystals have been mined.
The transparent variety of this Petalite gemstone is usually known as Castorite. Faceted Petalites are usually very small. You can find faceted Petalite gemstones usually from Brazil for sale ranging from 1 to 10 cts.
Namibian rough materials have yielded somewhat larger stones in the 50-ct range which is because can be extracted from minerals there. Notable Petalite gemstone sources include Uto, Sweden ( the type locality ); United States ( San Diego Country, California, Greenwood, Maine, Bolton, Massachusetts, North Bonneville, Wyoming ); Elba, Italy ( When the mineral Pollucite was discovered here in 1846, it was named after pollex a twin brother for caster in classical mythology. )

Petalite gemstones are also available in Londonderry, Western Australia ( as a facetable material ); Arassuahy, Brazil ( Large, clean masses ); Bikita, Zimbabwe ( Considerable material mined for lithium content ); Karibib, Nambia ( as a colorless, transparent, pinkish material ); Afghanistan, Myanmar, Russia.

Metaphysical Properties

Petalite usually keeps a note on balancing the male/female, yin/yang energies providing a quality of stability. Petalite also helps in maintaining the balance in your life. It helps to open the Throat Chakra so that one can speak with clarity and precision.

Petalite also helps to open and activate the crown and higher chakras to stimulate clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and intuition.

Petalite In News

Petalite Color

Petalite gemstone can be cut into bright gemstones. Petalite is lithium aluminum tectosilicate mineral crystallizing in the monoclinic system. Petalite is a member of the feldspathoid group.

A major source of lithium - As a major source of lithium, the mineral Petalite rarely occurs in gem quality crystal form. Although many look colorless, glassy crystals can make stunning faceted jewelry. Usually, Petalite gemstones are found as pieces with beautiful pale gray, white, yellow and pink shades. Gem cutters occasionally get massive pink material from Nambia. Includes cab cut penalties may show a weak cat's eye effect. 

The beautiful colors - Petalite generally occurs as colorless, grey, yellow, yellow grey to white tabular crystals and columnar masses. The colorless varieties are often used as gemstones.

Amazing crystallography - Petalite gemstone's crystallography's are monoclinic, crystal rare, tabular, usually massive, or cleavable.  Refractive index is 1.503 to 1.523. Colors available are colorless, white, pink, gray, yellow, greenish. Luster is vitreous to pearly. Fracture is conchodial. Hardness is 6 to 6.5. Specific gravity is 2.3 to 2.5. Birefringence is 0.012 to 0.014. Cleavage is perfect in one direction. While coming to luminescence is in LW pale orange or buff. Sometimes maybe orange in x-rays. Petalite gemstone's transparency is translucent to transparent. An absorption spectrum is not diagnostic. Some stones may show value band at 4540. The phenomenon is Chatoyancy. The chemical formula for this gemstone is LiAlSi4O10. The occurrence of Petalite gemstone is in granite pegmatite, in crystals and masses.

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