How Petalite Rough Gives Smoothness In Your Life ?

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How Petalite Rough Gives Smoothness In Your Life ?


Gemstones are the tiny glittering treasures of nature that are full of amazing benefits and beauty. The world around us has got a good number of gemstones each being used for various purposes on a daily basis. The formation, components, color, etc are some of the features that usually influence and drive the working of the gems. 

There is a large population of people around the globe who are simply in love with these little stones. While some simply have it for the reason of beautification, some others have it for the reason of the healing capacities that these gems have got. It is always important to choose the genuine gems in order to make sure that the right kind of energy flows into your life. 

Now, here is a subtle looking gemstone known as ‘Petalite’. This gemstone is known to make one’s life smooth and hassle-free. Well, with this you might be quite excited to know even more about it! We have hereby brought more information about this gem and Petalite healing properties too. Check this out. 

All about Petalite – Basic points to know

The discovery of the Petalite stone dates back to the 1800s by a Brazilian named JB de Andrade Silva. 

Did you know that the discovery of ‘Lithium’ is a result of Petalite? Yes, while the people were busy studying petalite gemstone, they found the presence of a component which was named as lithium. They said that the strength of this gem is basically dependent on lithium. 

It was observed that the stones which showed a lesser quantity of the presence of the lithium are less strong and hence have more chances of damage. 

The beauty of Petalite: 

You can buy petalite rough stones in various shades. The color of Petalite differs in a wide range of color cycle like peach pink, white, yellow, red, colorless and green. Whatever the color scheme be, the working of this gemstone is never less. 

The loose petalite gemstone, when used as a part of the jewelry pieces, makes it worth it. All the fashionistas out there love to incorporate their favorite gemstone into a part of their favorite jewelry design to make it look even more ravishing and the same can be done with the Petalite stone too. Talking about the hardness scale of this gemstone, the petalite has a hardness scale of 6 to 6.5 which is a pretty good number. 

How Petalite brings smoothness in your life – Benefits of Petalite  

It is well known that the gemstones are used prominently for the reason of their healing properties that flow into the life of the user. Let us read and find out how various qualities of this amazing gemstone make your life easy and smooth. We are sure; these qualities will surely create your interest in this gemstone!  

  • Stay free from stress -  Stress is one mental emotion in life that knocks at you even when you are not expecting it. It is generally not easy to deal with it and hence a lot of people end at ruining their lives. The petalite gemstone is good enough to deal with the stress in your life as it helps drive away stress.
  • Bring in joy – Every day is the same when you put yourself away from fun and joy. They say live your life to the fullest and hence you can do that with petalite by your side as it is said to invite joy in one’s life.
  • Bodily healing – Eyes and lungs are one of the most important aspects of the human body. While the eyes help in vision, the lungs help you to breathe. Any malfunction in any of these will prove to be a discomfort to the person. So, in order to help yourself away from these troubles, have petalite gem in contact with your body. 
  • Positive vibrations – Your life will see the flow of positive vibrations into the body as a result of having petalite gemstone with you. There are some beneficial combinations of gemstones that are known to work wonders when used in combination with petalite. 
  • Connect to your heart chakra – The human body has eight chakras. Each chakra has a different function and purpose. The heart chakra is one of the most important chakras. It takes a lot to connect and activate this chakra. But it is not the same when in case of having this gemstone by your side as it helps activate the chakras. 

Thus, Petalite gemstone or Petalite silver jewelry not only beautify your look but also helps in making your life smooth in various manners by giving you joy and inner peace. 

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