Where to Buy Authentic Oregon Sunstone jewelry?

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  • Updated On Apr 4, 2023
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Where to Buy Authentic Oregon Sunstone jewelry?

Oregon Sunstone comes from Southeastern Oregon, often referred to as the “Oregon Outback.” Sunstone is formed in molten lava and is discharged close to the surface with the help of a volcano. The lava wears away or is broken and gradually makes its way to the surface to expose the gem. The term "sunstone" is applied to translucent to transparent feldspar specimens that exhibit bright metallic flashes as a result of light interaction with minute plate-like crystalline inclusions. Light entering the stone is reflected from these mineral inclusions at a common angle because they often have a common orientation. When seen at the right angle, this causes a flash of light appears in the observer's eye. The term "aventurescence" refers to this visual phenomenon.

Sunstone History

Since at least a few hundred years ago, Sunstone has been known. Native Americans collected the gems, treasured them, traded them widely, and occasionally interred their dead with a little bag of stones were the ones who first found the sunstone deposits in Oregon.

Color of Sunstone

Sunstone can be found in various hues, from colorless to yellow, orange, and red. The quantity and size of the copper platelets within the stone play a role in determining hue. The stone acquires a pink or reddish hue from the copper platelets. Deep blue or green hues can be seen in some outstanding stones. Even inside a single stone, the color might differ. There is a color gradient in some stones. On one side of the stone, they may be pink, while on the other, the color may progressively intensify to become orange. Some stones change color dramatically. These stones may contain green splotches that touch a reddish-orange region.

Buy Oregon Sunstone jewelry- earrings, pendants, and much more Online!

This is the online era, don't you think so? Everything you can think about is available online and obviously of good quality. But how do you trust online sources? This is the major problem many individuals face these days while buying various gems or maybe pieces of jewelry made out of that, like sunstone rings, etc. The first thing to be taken care of is checking out the online store properly, which is checking whether it is genuine or not. Going for customer reviews and checking if it is the certified organization for what you plan to buy. This gemstone is not at all cheap. It costs a lot but is worth the cost. But when you are spending this much money on buying this gemstone, you need to be very particular with the things to get the genuine product.

Buy sunstone jewelry from Galleries, Gift Shops, And jewelry stones!

As many of you know everything got online so, the gemaxi imparts numerous options online at gemaxi.com. But there are many other shops that you can offline and can be trustworthy solely related to us. You can also find this in galleries, gift shops, and jewelry stores. Also, you can search for sunstone jewelry near me and get the best results.
natural orange sunstone (hematite feldspar) pendant solitaire natural orange sunstone oval 925 silver ring natural sunstone (hematite feldspar) 925 silver dangle earrings

Sunstone Jewelry Price

Sunstones of gem-grade aventurescence are valued based on their hue, transparency, and aventurescence quality. The least expensive stones are often colorless and yellow; prices rise as they turn pink, orange, and red. The highest values are found in vivid red, green, and beautiful bicolor stones. Price premiums are paid for transparent stones with appealing aventurescence. Also when it is cast into jewelry like sunstone earrings, pendants, etc it may cost more because it takes labor, as well as the stone, is molded as per your requirement. Also, when talking carat is the major word that comes to mind because any jewelry you see is measured in carats. So, it is clear from the above discussion that the Oregon sunstone price per carat is based on the type of Oregon you are using, the color of Oregon, and various other factors in this respect. As sunstone is affordable for practically everyone because of its availability in various budgets as per requirement.

Is sunstone a real gemstone?

Only in Oregon can one find sunstones of exceptional gem quality. This gemstone is never heated, irradiated, or tinted like other gemstones are; instead, it is left in its natural state. Some Oregon sunstones have an internal glow as a result of the millions of microscopic copper platelets, or schiller. The State Gemstone of Oregon is the designer's dream: Oregon Sunstone. It has a staggering variety of hues, is adaptable enough to be cut and polished in a variety of ways, and is durable enough to be used for pendants, earrings, and special occasion rings. Gemaxi is so committed to this unique and beautiful gem as we help in getting the genuine oregon sunstone jewelry customized as per individual choices and offer you a remarkable selection at a great value. Now people usually prefer buying the fake gemstone so that they get to pay a lesser amount, but these gemstones are perfect for commercial purposes so they can be a one-time investment and can be used at any point in time as a resale but always prefer to buy the real gemstone because how much a sunstone cost is as per the individual choice.

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