Natural Pink Tourmaline Rough 925 Silver Dangle Earrings P94777 |

13.66cts natural pink tourmaline rough 925 silver dangle earrings p94777

Item Code: P4789-P94777

  • Model #P94777
  • Primary StoneAegirine
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorPINK
  • StyleEarrings
  • Design PatternDANGLE
  • Stone Weight (Ct)13.66
  • Weight (Gms)5.69
  • Size: (inch)1 5/8
  • Secondary StoneAquamarine


Aegirine is a beautiful black stone considered as the epitome of personality and truthfulness. The beautiful black blades of Aegirine give the stone a mighty look and make it the noblest stone ever. The nobility of Aegirine is not just because of its looks, but also due to the qualities that Aegirine holds. It aligns one’s truest belief with life and provides him the confidence of being strong and passionate enough to follow them. The earthy and natural energies that Aegirine holds guard the physical body and aura of the human being. It reinforces the spirit in times of difficulty by eliminating negative thoughts, and energies. It is believed that carrying or holding an Aegirine stone in your hand removes all the negative energies ...

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