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Aegirine is a beautiful black stone considered as the epitome of personality and truthfulness. The beautiful black blades of Aegirine give the stone a mighty look and make it the noblest stone ever. The nobility of Aegirine is not just because of its looks, but also due to the qualities that Aegirine holds. It aligns one’s truest belief with life and provides him the confidence of being strong and passionate enough to follow them. The earthy and natural energies that Aegirine holds guard the physical body and aura of the human being. It reinforces the spirit in times of difficulty by eliminating negative thoughts, and energies.

It is believed that carrying or holding an Aegirine stone in your hand removes all the negative energies that have made a place in the aura of the person. Moreover, it also reduces drug or alcoholic abuse of any kind, which makes the protective field weak.

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Where is Aegirine found?

The noteworthy localities where Aegirine is found are Localities include Narsarssuk, Greenland; Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada; Kongsberg, Norway; Magnet Cove, Arkansas, USA; Kola Peninsula, Russia; Kenya; Nigeria and Scotland.

Healing Properties

Physical Healing : Aegirine aids the body of the wearer in the detoxification process by eliminating all toxins. It boosts the immune system, nervous system, and metabolism. In particular, Aegirine supports and reinforces spleen, gallbladder, and liver. Aegirine is an important and excellent crystal for generating stamina and physical energy, and it also heals the person from injury, pain or illness. Aegirine is an extremely useful crystal for alleviating troubles of bones, muscles, and nerves. Aegirine is a valuable Reiki stone, and an energy transferring crystal that works on the power of touch.

Emotional Healing : Aegirine becomes a supporter when it comes to overcoming sorrow and sadness, despair or misery by melting all the negative and emotional energies, approaches and patterns caused by shame, guilt, remorse, unimportance or feeling of abandonment. It engenders optimistic thoughts and replaces the toxic ones, which boosts the negative attitude, and helps to mend the emotional body. Aegirine encourages one to follow truth and see the bigger picture of life by leaving behind small things and thoughts. It gives the power to accept things. It also assists in recovering from an unsuccessful relationship by transforming grief.

Spiritual Healing : Aegirine lets the wearer focus on and generates all the energies that are universal and personal. It inculcates in the wearer the feeling that there is light after dark, and light heals all the negativities of life. It nurtures a sense of worth and reliability and give power to the wearer to express and live the truth out into the world. The noble Aegirine upholds the character of honesty and high calibre and bears the spiritual, karmic, and progressive energies.

Heals and Balances Chakra : Aegirine gemstone is believed to activate the root or base chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the source of spiritual and physical energies of the body. It also controls the kinesthetic movement and feelings. When the base chakra is out of balance is leads to low enthusiasm, low activity and lethargy in the body. The person feels detached from the spirituality, reality and emotional relationships. The body regains its strength when the base chakra is in balance.

Aegirine may also be used in arousing of the Kundalini energy that resides in base chakra only, and can help to calm down the energy fields through the activation of Kundalini energy.

Aegirine Facts

Some facts about Aegirine

  • The profound black color of Aegirine wards off the spirits and evil eyes.
  • Being a black stone, Aegirine honours the Arabian goddess of death, destiny, and time, known as Manat.
  • Aegirine stone is associated with the sun sign of Taurus, which is between 20 May to 20 April.
  • The Feng Shui qualities of Aegirine utilize water energy, which enhances stillness, calmness, and clarity in the areas wherever its crystal are kept.
  • The ancient folklore attached with this stone is just that it related to Aegir, the god of the sea.

Metaphysical Properties

Aegirine is a component of the Pyroxene group, which is a sodium iron silicate mineral that forms prismatic and long crystals. In some cases, even fibrous and compact grains are also formed.

This noble crystal was named after the god of the sea called Aegir. The stone was discovered in Norway and is also termed as Acmite, which is a Greek word. Acmite means “Point”.

The hardness of Aegirine is 6-6.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness.

Aegirine at a Glance

Cleavage Good on {110}, (110) ^ (110) ≈87°; parting on {100}
Other Names Acmite
Crystal Habit Prismatic crystals may be in sprays of acicular crystals, fibrous, in radial concretions
Streak Yellowish-grey
Refractive Index nα = 1.720 - 1.778 nβ = 1.740 - 1.819 nγ = 1.757 - 1.839
Diaphaneity Translucent to opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 6
Sources Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia, USA, Kenya, Scotland and Nigeria
Chemical formula NaFe3+[ Si2O6]
Lustre Vitreous to slightly resinous
Color Dark Green, Greenish Black
Chakra Healing Root or base chakra

Aegirine Color

Aegirine is often opaque to translucent, mostly black in color. However, sometimes it is also brownish-black or greenish-black in color. Aegirine is found commonly in alkaline-rich volcanic rocks.

Aegirine Color

Aegirine In News

December 26, 2015

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Jazz up Your Look on New Year With these 5 Aegirine...

Aegirine is a black colored crystal which was first discovered in Norway. Today, this stone is...

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Aegirine is a wonderful charm that alleviates the sadness and stress of the wearer. My requirements also match with its properties. I think I should go with this talisman. Thanks Jewelexi for sharing such a useful information.
Reply on 8/11/14
Aegirine is a best talisman for Taureans. I am also Taurean should I go for it as I am finding this gemstone effective and beneficial for me? Suggest please.
Reply on 19/11/14
Oh wow Lara… this gemstone is going to prove suitable for you. If you still have some confusion anywhere in your mind then ask your astrologer before ending with any decision. His recommendation will be apt for you.
Reply on 28/11/14
Jill Brown
Aegirine is composed of Feng Shui features uses water energy which raises clarity, calmness and stillness..i find this gemstone useful for me..should i get it for placing in my home? Suggest please...
Reply on 14/4/15
hey Jill....i have tuned Aegirine and found it beneficial for may also try it out as per your i can read your comment you want it for a feng shui purpose so....i think you should go for you will see its effects further..
Reply on 6/5/15
Hi Jill, if you have any confusion related to Aegirine gemstone then you may ask Jewelexi on Ask Mittens page. Their astrologers will get back to you with an apt answer. The big thing about this is that this service is totally free.
Reply on 30/5/15
It is said that this stone is often used for energizing situations, places, chakras, and more I was looking for the same kind of talisman. Please suggest....
Reply on 11/7/15
Hey jansie! howz doing?
I hope all is going well!!

I want to share my experience on Aegirine jewelry. i'm a big fond of this stone because it helps in creating postivity in life as well as it aids negative emotions and energies surrounded in life. After wearing this stone i have seen significant changes in energy within my self.

Really happy to buy this
Reply on 21/1/16
emily taylor
My love for black stimulated me to go for a black gemstone. From long time I was searching for this. After reading this post , I got to know about its fantabulous healing properties. Ordered a ring yesterday and just waiting to receive it.
Reply on 30/3/18
Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.
Reply on 5/4/19
Your article is enjoyable. Thanks!
Reply on 22/7/19
Thanks Ann
Reply on 24/7/19
I had go through the aegirine healing properties and it seems to be beneficial for me.
Reply on 12/11/19
What an amazing and beautiful design of silver jewelry. I like it so much.
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