Aegirine Jewelry

Why Aegirine Jewelry is Loved & Coveted all Around the World

The color black holds its own attraction and significance. The black colored jewelry of Aegirine crystal looks wonderfully attractive and quite elegant. Aegirine, a component of the Pyroxene group, is generally opaque to translucent. This beautiful and graceful stone usually occurs in volcanic rocks which have high alkaline content. The owner of numerous wonderful properties, Aegirine, was first discovered in Norway. The stone is found in black color and can sometimes show slight variations in color including hues like brown-black or green-black. The jewelry made out of Aegirine looks emphatic and unique.

Important Historical References for Aegirine Crystal

Comparatively, Aegirine gemstone is a lesser known crystal but still holds great value in terms of its beauty and healing properties. The stone is rhonored as a protective stone as it rescues its wearer from any sort of negativity. Also, it is called a woman friendly stone. Aegirine also finds significance in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, Aegirine promotes tranquility and peace by using its water energy. The stone is also believed to be a great support in emotional healing procedures.   

Significant Sources for Aegirine

The significant sources,for this black beauty called Aegirine, include Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia, USA, Kenya, Scotland and Nigeria.

Fashionable Aegirine Jewelry Styles

You can come across a wide range of exuberant Aegirine jewelry in form of attractive pendants, alluring necklaces, beautiful bracelets and many more. The crystal can be transformed into mesmerizing jewelry patterns as per the requirement. The diaphaneity of Aegirine is translucent to opaque and it measures 6 in hardness on the Moh's scale.  

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