Fire Agate - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Believed to contain the quintessence of fire and widely popular in rituals that involve the fire Gods & Goddesses, Fire Agate is unarguably a beautiful semi precious gemstone with lot of amazing properties and a unique fiery iridescent effect.

Fire agate is a semi precious stone that hails from the Quartz family. It is actually a form of Chalcedony with captivating colors. Till the present times, this appealing semi-precious stone has been found only at few places around the world. This is the reason why this stone is also considered as a rare stone.

Fire Agate jewelry is loved and revered as a spiritual flame of complete excellence. It is believed to contain many interesting mysteries inside it. When you look at this stone with full focus, you can actually observe the beautiful pattern which looks like fire flames.

Where is Fire Agate found?

Fire agate has been discovered only at areas including Northern & Central Mexico and at few states of USA, including Arizona, California and New Mexico. Millions of years ago, these areas experienced gigantic volcanic activities. It was at that time when Fire Agates were created in an environment that included hot water being (inundated with iron oxide, silica) seeped into the cracks and cavities of nearby rocks. The Mexican fire agate hails from the Calvillo mines which are located in the Aguascalientes state of Mexico.

Healing Properties Of Fire Agate

The beautiful looking fire agate is not only a highly coveted stone for its sheer beauty; rather the fire agate healing crystals are also popular as stones with many wonderful healing abilities. One who uses or carries this stone can avail many emotional and physical healing benefits. It is also a remarkable stone for your body chakras. Let us now discuss all these healing properties of Fire Agate in detail.

  1. Physical Healing Abilities of Fire Agate

Fire agate is a boon for people who are worried about the poor blood circulation in their bodies. By using this stone, one can see significant and positive results on the same. Those who want to improve their concentration power can use this stone as it relaxes mind and helps you focus in a better way. It also transforms your way of looking at different matter in life. Anyone who feels low in terms of energy can rely upon fire agate. The stone also helps combat depression and the problems related to it. Instilling deep analytical abilities in its wearer or user, this wonderful gift of nature, called fire agate, helps you go in depth of any matter.

If you are looking for a stone that strengthens the muscles of your heart, you can start wearing fire agate on the advice of a professional. Wear it on your chest. The stone will help you achieve stronger heart muscles. Also, the function of your blood vessels will start improving when you use this stone on a regular basis. This stone is also a great help in dealing with problems related to digestion. Those who suffer from gastritis or poor digestion can use fire agate for improved and better results. This stone is also found useful in addressing the problem of sleepwalking.

Many times the problem of fever becomes difficult to handle. The temperature of the body keeps on rising. In such a situation, fire agate can be of great help. It can be placed on the forehead of the concerned person to help reduce the body temperature. This stone is also recommended to those who are unable to see properly at night. Improving the condition of your eyes, this enthralling stone improves your night vision too. You can also trust the stone for its healing abilities in tackling problems related to colon or endocrine system. One can also fetch beneficial results in case of insect bites as fire agate helps combat certain skin problems too, including the insect bites.

  1. Emotional Healing Abilities of Fire Agate

The in-depth self analysis is quintessential for both personal and professional growth. By including fire agate in your life, you can get absolute help in the process of self analysis. Enhancing your confidence level, it gives you the courage to speak and favor truth. It purifies your heart by driving off the negative thoughts. Removing annoyance and rage from your attitude, the stone cultivate love in your persona so that you excel as a good human being.

If you or your known ones suffer from any kind of hazardous addiction, fire agate can help you out. Remember that the most important thing required to get rid of addiction is the inspiration. The right inspiration instills hope and positivity. By using fire agate, anyone who suffers from the bad habit of addiction can find inspiration for positive things in life. The stone fills you with positive energy and optimism and thereby, helps in saying goodbye to addiction.

Fire agate is also an amazing stone for people who have recently experienced any sort of shock in their life. It helps you overcome any type of negative ordeal. It provides positive vibrations to its user and gives courage and attitude to start life all over again with a fresh perspective.

Use Fire agate to invite peace and relaxation in your life. Full of unique grounding energy, the stone helps you stay calm even in the most chaotic situations of life. When you use this stone, you start experiencing the feeling of support and love.

  1. Fire Agate - The Chakra Healing

The various colors in Fire Agate relate to various chakras in your body. The fire agate stone contains a bright dark green color inside it. This color is concerned with the heart chakra. Stimulating the heart chakra helps in many ways. The foremost point is that the hart chakra controls our communication with the world outside. It also controls our feelings. By using a fire agate, one can balance his capability of staying natural not only at oneself but also to the surrounding atmosphere.

The red and the brown colors are known for stimulating the Base chakra. Base chakra is an important chakra point as it controls the movement. Stimulating the base chakra is essential, especially for those people who want to achieve significant and increased energy levels both at spiritually and physically. People who need to stimulate their base chakra are the ones who often feel lack of energy. They look and feel dull and find themselves unable to excel physically as well as spiritually. Stimulating the base chakra helps in increasing the excitement levels too.

We also notice the beautiful orange and golden hues in the stone. These shade work for the second chakra, that is, the sacral chakra. This chakra is also an important one because it is through this chakra that the energy flow in entire body gets controlled. The sacral chakra is also called the gravity center of body. Stimulating this chakra means that you are improving the information flow. Establishing a smooth flow if information from body towards mind and vice versa, the sacral chakra works on your intuitive abilities and communication skills too.

  1. Fire Agate – The Spiritual Help

Those who want to see a significant spiritual growth are often advised to use Fire agate. This stone show a spiritual flame and prepares you for your spiritual journey and growth. The stone helps analyze onself and provides inner steadiness too. Stimulating your mind and body to a wider perspective, the stone also works on your creative abilities so that the spiritual encouragement can flow well in your movements and expression.

  1. Meditation with Fire Agate

When it comes to meditation, fire agate can be a wonderful help. You must know already that meditation requires a relaxed mind with complete focus. The better your focus is the better you meditate. The more you are relaxed; the better is your meditation. Fire agate provides relaxation to your mind and body by stimulating various energy points or chakras. The stone opens up your mind so that you can think and feel in a better way.

Fire Agate Facts

  1. Fire Agate is the birthstone for the month of May.

  2. It is the anniversary stone for 12th year of marriage.

  3. It is a widely popular fact that agate was found millions of years ago in the Achates River (Dirillo River) in southwestern Sicily.

  4. The term ‘agate’ comes from the river name – Achates.

  5. History proves that this stone was also used in alchemy during the ancient times.

  6. It is also used in various traditions (involving fire) to provide courage to the kids and the adults to speak up with confidence.

Metaphysical Properties Of Fire Agate

Fire agate can be differentiated from other agates through the presence of unique iridescence in it. This iridescence with unparalleled beauty is caused by the diffraction of light which in turn occur due to the layered structure of this enchanting stone. Fire agate represents layered variety of chalcedony. It shows a botryoidal formation which is also called grape-like structure in common terms. It contains the specific gravity of 2.59 to 2.67. The stone contains no cleavage. An easy way to identify fire agate is to look for silicon dioxide composition. Fire agate measures 6.5 to 7 in hardness on the Mohs scale. It has a refractive index of 1.53-1.54.

  1. Clarity and Luster in Fire Agate

Usually this stone is translucent to opaque. The pieces with translucent tendency are coveted more. As far as the luster is concerned, this stone contains a wax type luster to dull luster.

  1. Fire Agate - Cut and Shape

The perfect cut is vital for fire agate. The suitable cut leads to optimum iridescence which is the main attractive feature of this stone. The stone is cut into many freeform of fancy cuts and shapes. The cutting procedure for this stone requires extreme care and experience as one has to work through the multiple layers inside the structure of this beautiful stone. A little carelessness can lead to loss of the beautiful fire flame pattern inside the stone.

Fire Agate In News

Fire Agate Color

Fire agates are found in captivating hues of red, orange, green, golden or brown. These colors vary from stone to stone because of the iron oxide contents in the stone. Anyone can simply fall in love with fire agate at the very first glance. The vibrant dashes of red, orange, golden and green inside the stone look truly outstanding and mesmerizing. These lively and emphasizing flashes work wonders on a dark red and brown background in fire agates. The exceptional and unmatched iridescence of color in fire agate are caused by the light diffraction. When light interferes with the thin layers of limonite or iron oxide, the stunning iridescence of multiple hues gets created.

  • CleavageNone
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.535-1.539
  • DiaphaneitySemitranslucent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5-7
  • SourcesNorthern & Central Mexico, USA
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorDark Reddish Brown
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneApril
  • Zodiacaries
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