What is Fire Agate and how does it form?

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  • Updated On Nov 3, 2022
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What is Fire Agate and how does it form?

The tradition of wearing pieces of jewelry for the very purpose of beautification has not evolved in recent times. This desire custom of wearing pieces of jewelry evolved thousands of years ago from our ancestors. Materials like stones, woods, and other metals were used for the very purpose of beautification. For the last few hundred years, gemstones have been used in combination with metals for beautification as well as various astrological purposes. Mexican Fire Agate can be known as a semi-precious stone used for both astrological as well as ornamental purposes.

What is Fire Agate?

A Fire Agate is defined as a variety of chalcedony. It is a semi-precious natural gemstone that is found in the areas of northern and central Mexico and the southwestern part of the United States of America. During the tertiary period of approximately 24 to 36 million years ago, these specific areas of Mexico and the United States of America were prone as well as subjected to massive volcanic activities. Mexican Fire Agate was formed during a specific period of volcanism when the hot water saturated with iron oxide as well as silica filled the bubbles and the cracks in the surrounding rock. Fire Agates arrive in beautiful iridescent rainbow colors, which are quite similar to opal. The measurement of hardness of this semi-precious stone on the Mohs scale is between 5 to 7, which in turn reduces the very occurrence of scratching when these gemstones are studded in metals for jewelry.

Mexican Fire Agate Meaning

 The Fire Agate is a naturally occurring semi-precious gemstone which means this gemstone is grounding as well as a protective force, and it also possesses calming energy. Mexican Fire Agate Gemstone acts as a shield for the wearer from getting harmed and ill wishes, and it also aids in the deflection of negativity. This gemstone is known for the stimulation of energy as well as for the improvisation of sexual health as well as libido. By the very act of wearing these gemstones, the wearer feels highly energized and vital.

Where to find Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a semi-precious naturally occurring gemstone that is also a variety of chalcedony. The Mexican Fire Agate gemstone arrives in eye-dazzling iridescent rainbow colors, and this specific kind of gemstone is scratch-proof and is widely used for the making of various pieces of jewelry.

Deer Creek Fire Agate is familiarly known for its high-quality Fire Agate Gemstone. The Fire Agate arriving from the specific area of Deer Creek in Arizona is termed the best quality Fire Agate in the entire world. This specific place or area is situated in the eastern foothills of the Galiuro Mountains, which is southwest of Safford in Arizona. This desired area is known for numerous active Fire Agate Mines. Numerous miners arrived in Deer Creek the mining the best quality Fire Agate.

Where is Fire Agate found?

Mexican Fire Agate Jewelry has been quite popular in the markets in recent times, and they are termed “Mexican” because of the abundance of this semi-precious gemstone in the country of Mexico. Cuesta Fire Agate Mine is known as a desert dig situated in Arizona. It is known to be a dig where a certain person can dig to his or her heart's content without any kind of restriction. This mine is open for 12 months of the year.

Slaughter Mountain in Arizona is known for the provision of high-quality Fire Agate. The other areas where Fire Agate is found are the Black Hills in Arizona, Opal Hill Fire Agate Mine in the state of Arizona, Round Mountain in the state of Arizona, and Saddle Mountain in Arizona.

Properties of Fire Agate

Mexican Fire Agate Jewelry is not only used for beautification rather, it has got various effects when it is worn. The creative energy of Fire Agate is perfect for the breaking of various negative cycles or a desired state of stagnation. It aids the wearer to think positively. Fire Agate helps the wearer in the employment of lateral thinking for seeing the situation in various new ways. If a person is in a difficult situation and facing huge problems, Fire Agate aids the desired wearer in getting new views regarding the situation as well. This semi-precious gemstone is also used for bettering the relationship between individuals and boosts the career of the desired wearer. There are various effects of the Mexican Fire Agate Ring on the person who is wearing it.

Fire Agate Properties

The semi-precious stone, Mexican Fire Agate price arrives to be quite modest, but the labor employed in mining this desired gemstone makes the price higher or increases the value as well. Various custom pieces are available, which depending on what cut is desired, can turn out to be quite expensive. The Mexican Fire Agate Price is determined by the color, cut, and shape of the stone.

This semi-precious gemstone jewelry is used for various healing purposes like fighting problems related to dermatology, strengthening the blood vessels, cleansing the pancreas and the lymphatic system, and other sexual problems as well.


This desired semi-precious gemstone is only found in specific regions of the United States of America and Mexico. This gemstone is studded in various kinds of metals like gold as well as silver for the very purpose of beautification and astrological purposes. Mexican Fire Agate rings, necklaces, and pendants are quite familiar in the market in the present day and the reason behind their availability is the modest price. These specific semi-precious gemstones arrive in different vibrant colors and this can be one of the reasons behind the abundant use of this gemstone for jewelry making as well as beautification. Fire Agate has numerous healing properties when this stone is worn in terms of jewelry products.

Gemexi can be noted to be one of the best as well as the most competitive sellers of Mexican Fire Agate not only in India but also in different corners of the world.

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