Wear Fire Agate A Perfect Remedy for Negative Energies

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Monday, August 5, 2019
Wear Fire Agate A Perfect Remedy for Negative Energies


Being negatively energized is the most disastrous situation. If even you feel a persistent cloud of negative energies draining onto you then let us tell you a natural way to get away from it. Leave behind all the mantras, Vaastu-tantras and other peripheral remedies, start wearing fire agate. Fire agate is best to keep negative energy away from you. Fire agate is a unique form of chalcedony, a mineral in the family of quartz stones. It is slightly reddish or brown at the base but the presence of iron oxide or limonite makes it glow with yellow and orange hues. The hues appear like flames and the crystal overall has a fiery feel. The deposits of fire agate are largely found in Northern and Central Mexico and in few cities of States.
Besides being a perfect remedy for keeping the negative energies away, the other benefits of fire agate are:
Physical healing properties of fire agate: Fire agate is known to maintain good circulation of blood in bodies. It gives you a good flow of energy and strengthens the muscles of the heart. If you have any stomach issues like poor digestion or gastric problems, the crystal can cure it. It helps you combat depression and is all useful to stop the habit of sleepwalking. In cases of fever when body temperature raises out of control, fire agate comes as a great rescue. It is suggested to keep the stone on the forehead of the person suffering from temperature and then see the difference. The stone is also recommended for those who are not able to see properly at night. It indeed improves the vision and also has great healing benefits on the colon and endocrine system. Fire agate is beneficial in skin related problems, including insect bites too.
Emotional healing properties of fire agate: Fire agate is recommended both for personal and professional growth. It helps in the process of self-analysis, boosts confidence, and always motivates you to speak in favor of truth. The crystal dispels the negative thoughts and cultivates love in your heart. It removes anger from your attitude and makes you kinder and more affectionate towards people around you. It instills hope, positivity and helps you in saying goodbye to addictions. Fire Agate is amazing for the ones who have experienced any sort of shock in life. It helps you in overcoming that depressing mode and motivates you to start your life all over again with a fresh perspective. It brings peace to life and let you relax. The stone is full of unique grounding energy, it propels the feelings of support and love.




Spiritual healing properties of fire agate: Fire agate ensures significant spiritual growth. It has spiritual flames inside which prepares you for the spiritual journey. The stone helps in analyzing your inner self and simultaneously opens up your mind and body for wider perspectives. It provides you with inner steadiness and encourages the flow of spiritual energy and expression in you. If you are thinking this stone for meditation, let us tell you that it will be of excellent help. It will stimulate your various energy points and give complete relaxation to your mind and body.
Chakra healing with Fire agate: The various colors in the fire agate relate to various chakras in the body. The dark green color inside relates to the heart chakra, the red and brown shades resonate with the base chakra and the little specks of orange-golden control sacral chakra. Each chakra has its own importance, stimulates many energy points and gives you multiple benefits within a short span of time.
In all fire agate is a widely popular and useful stone. This beautiful semi-precious gemstone looks beautiful when studded in jewelry. We, Gemexi have a range of astonishing fire agate silver jewelry items that we offer a 100% genuine and economical price.



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