How The Uncut Diamond Jewelry Makes You More Sparkle

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How The Uncut Diamond Jewelry Makes You More Sparkle


Diamond is one name that does not even in the slightest need an introduction! Well, almost everybody is well aware of a diamond’s sparkle, purity, and magnificence.   These spectacular natural creations of Mother Nature are found deep down in the earth. Pressure and temperature are the reasons for which the diamonds are formed. Thanks to these adorable dazzling beauties called diamonds which have always added to the beauty of all women. However, when it comes to rough diamonds, let us tell you that these are the ones that are present purely in their natural state, which is without being cut or polished. They look like pieces of glass at first glance. Also known as the uncut diamonds, the rough diamond jewelry looks very captivating and can be found in several styles. Those who love silver can also check for silver rough diamond jewelry.  

What is diamond rough?

Diamond rough or uncut diamonds are one and the same. They are known by this name because of their rough body and not so shiny texture. You might wonder, then why are these known as diamonds? 
Well, it can be said that the uncut or the diamond rough is the crudest form of the diamonds that we get to see today in the market. The crude or the raw form of the diamond stone after mining undergoes processing, polishing and finally made into beautiful elegant pieces of jewelry. 
There is a huge fan base for these uncut diamonds and the diamond rough jewelry. This is because the customers love the look of the uncut diamonds and their unusual shapes. The diamond rough looks beautiful when embedded into jewelry pieces and you can find multiple patterns in the wholesale diamond rough jewelry range

How are they different from the cut or processed diamonds?

The significant differences between the two included the following:  

  • Body - In precise, the uncut diamonds do not undergo even the slightest processing. They remain the way they are first found in the layers of earth. 
  • Shine – There is no shine in the diamond rough and hence there is no reflection from any point of light. 
  • Value – The processing of crude diamond takes a lot of money and equipment to do so. This is one reason contributing to the high price tags of diamonds. But the story with uncut diamonds is different as they do not undergo any processing and their value is low comparatively. 
  • Color factor – After the body, it is the color of the diamond rough that enables distinction. The color of the diamond rough is yellow or brown which depicts rawness. 
  • Carat – The diamond rough is said to have lesser carat value and hence lesser cost. 




Why are uncut diamonds preferred? 

Shine and sparkle are not always the reasons to buy jewelry. Sometimes, the gemstones in their crude form make a unique choice for jewelry. Therefore, the demand for diamond rough came into existence. This got even better when people understood the price difference between the cut and uncut forms of diamonds. Apart from this, some people entirely are in love with the unusual shapes of the diamond rough. Though they appear slightly dull, they do have their own valor. 
The market today has most of the jewelry pieces made out of the diamond rough. Including stunning diamond rough necklaces, diamond rough earrings, diamond rough rings, diamond rough pendants, etc. every piece is an art. 

What about the clarity of the diamond rough?

The quality of the diamond is dependent on 4 C’s namely color, carat, clarity, and cut. When found inside the earth, the diamond shows some amount of impurities inside. Lesser the amount of clarity, the higher is the value of the diamond. When the clarity of the diamond is hindered due to the presence of visible impurities, then they are put to industrial use. 
After considerable checking by the experts, the raw diamond found on earth is categorized. The ones that are with fewer impurities are sent into jewelry making and the diamonds with a rough surface are used and uncut. 
Polki uncut diamond jewelry:  
The diamond rough is mostly preferred by the brides for the reason of the elegance that each piece sports. The double, triple-layered Polki uncut diamond jewelry sets are much in demand. They complete the bridal look with royal elegance. The jewelry market today is fully stocked up with uncut diamond rough jewelry. Go ahead with your shopping for diamond rough. 


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