What should we keep in mind before the purchase of a diamond?

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  • Updated On May 12, 2020
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What should we keep in mind before the purchase of a diamond?

Diamond is considered to be the most popular and esteemed stone all around the world. It originated from jet black carbon and is known for its cut, clarity, hardness, high thermal and electrical conductivity. The Diamond is the symbol of love, purity, and innocence. Diamonds are the gemstone mainly used for wedding rings and engagement rings. Diamond is the birthstone of April and are mostly found in South and Central Africa.

Wearing diamonds can help to alleviate anxiety and strengthens the functioning of the brain and also protect the wearer from negative energies. It also heals and balances chakras by controlling our thoughts and emotions.

Diamond is the hardest substance on earth and known for their clarity, durability, and rarity. Certain things should be kept in mind before buying the Diamond of your choice.

Diamonds are evaluated basically in four aspects The four C’s, which are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. Understanding these four C’s can help to empower you to verify the quality of Diamond before making the buying decision.


The ideal and the best diamonds are completely colorless. According to GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the Diamond is graded on an alphabetical scale ranging from the letters D to Z. It starts at D, which is colorless and ends at Z, which is a light yellow color. The Diamonds that fall under the grade of D, E, F, and G are considered colorless and have a higher value. It can also depend upon the diamond shape you have chosen as different shapes reflect the color at different strengths.  Most Rough diamonds also come in the combination of different colors like Yellow, Brown, and Gray. 


It is an essential factor that determines the quality of the Diamond. Diamonds that are beautifully cut in proportion, symmetrical, and polished are the most expensive and bring out the full beauty and brilliance of a diamond. Correctly cut Diamond enhances the ability to refract the light and makes the diamond spark. The cut in the Diamonds are usually graded from Excellent to Poor. Well cut diamonds are expensive and sell at a premium price.


Even if the stone seems flawless, they are rarely perfect. There are many inclusions in the Diamond, which reduces its quality and sparkle. Diamonds are graded according to the inclusions and blemishes present in them. The clarity on the grade ranges from FL  (Flawless) to 12 and 13 (included). A diamond falling under the grade FL has a higher price compared to I2, I3 grade diamond.  

Carat Weight

The weight of the Diamond is measured in Carats. The larger the Diamond, the bigger the carat weight and price. It merely denotes the size of the diamonds by its weight and not the quality. After all the 3 C’s Cut, color, and clarity grades have been determined, the carat weight can be established to fit within the budget. Larger diamonds are much more valuable because they are rarely found and have a higher carat weight than Smaller diamonds.

Besides those four C’s, you should also check the Certificate of your purchased Diamond and make sure it is GIA certified or issued by a reputed gemologist. These certificates include Diamond quality, color, clarity, weight, etc. These certificates provide authenticity and build trust among the customers. 

These are factors that everyone should keep in mind before purchasing diamonds as they can be your major investment. 

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