Gemstone Jewelry For Fever

The immune system is the defense mechanism of a human’s body. Its job is to shield us from external agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and whatnot. If our immune system is not strong, even a little scratch can be lethal. Our emotions (self-destruction, anger, hate) and our positive & negative thoughts have a major impact on our immune system. The strength of our immune system relies on these factors. This is the reason why it is crucial to make sure that our immune system stays healthy and functions as well as possible by giving it the opportunity to fight aggressors efficiently. Nowadays, we are exposed to a toxic environment where pesticides, pollutions, electromagnetic waves and numerous other negative impacts abound. This exposure has a disastrous impact on our immune system, thus leading to allergies, colds, asthma, ear infections, fever, etc. The list goes on. Therapeutic gemstones play a vital role in strengthening our immune system and combating health issues like cold, cough and fever.

Best Gemstones For Fever

  1. Amber

 This master healer is the most effective for infection and fever. Used as an elixir on the base of the neck, the solar plexus or the inside of the wrists, it gives relief to infants and children. Amber gemstone gives energy, absorbs negativity and pain, and encourages healing of wounds. Wearing amber jewelry also helps enable the body to restore its balance and cure itself. Apart from this, amber relieves emotional as well as stress turmoil. 
  1. Amethyst

Amethyst gemstone boosts the cleansing of organs as well as the immune system. Those who wear amethyst jewelry consider it to be a natural tranquillizer as it relieves nervous system disorders, thus promoting tranquillity. Not only this but it also helps combat insomnia and shields us against nightmares by inducing restful sleep. 
  1. Ametrine

Composed of citrine and amethyst, ametrine helps in strengthening the immune system. It has the qualities of both amethyst and citrine which help in dissolving negativity, fatigue, and bodily toxins. Apart from this, it also cures depression.
  1. Aquamarine

This magnificent crystal is an ideal choice for alleviating excessive immune reactions such as allergies, asthma and fever. The power of aquamarine is boosted when used in combination with emerald. Wearing this combination of gemstone jewelry helps combat sinus and throat infections and heal fever quickly. Also known as a crystal of courage, an aquamarine gemstone transmits the strength to overcome any challenge. 
  1. Calcite

Calcite gemstone, especially the green-colored one, protects and strengthens the immune system. It encourages the absorption of calcium, thus stimulating growth among young children. It also relieves high fever by combating the virus. It gives stability, boosts self-confidence, and helps in getting over challenges.

Bottom Line!

We are sure that apart from these crystals in our list, there are other gemstones as well that can be pretty useful during a fever. Other gemstones like lepidolite, clear quartz, emerald, etc. are also effective when it comes to strengthening the immune system and protecting you from viruses and bacteria which are the main cause of a fever. If you suffer from a high fever every now and then, it is because of your weak immune system. Now is the perfect time for you to combine the medical and the spiritual process to get the best results. We have just the right gemstone jewelry for fever for you. You can wear these gemstones in the form of earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc.
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