Gemstone Jewelry For Eyesight And Vision Problems

This may come off as a surprise to you but therapeutic crystals are used for treating eye-related issues for years now. The healing properties of the gemstones help in relieving the strain on your eyes and also improve your eyesight. In order to make the best use of these healing gemstones, you must place them on your brows or what is known as the Third Eye Chakra and meditate. In this article, you will come across a list of crystals that you can use in order to treat eye-related issues.

Crystals For Eyesight

  1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstone is believed to be one of the most powerful stones when it comes to healing. Infuse water with this crystal and wash your eyes with the same water, you will see that it helps in washing off toxins from your eyes. You can also tape aquamarine to your water bottle on the outside and keep it overnight. You can also wear a piece of aquamarine jewelry on your throat chakra as it will help you in purifying the eye cavity. 
  1. Emerald

Our eyes are extremely sensitive to UV rays. During summers, if we expose ourselves for a few hours in the scorching heat, it starts straining our eyes to a considerable extent and they tend to get itchy or dry. Emerald gemstone is considered to be the best for relieving the stress from our eyes and shields them from the sun. Carrying or wearing emerald jewelry when you go out in the sun will keep you protected from harmful UV rays.
  1. Malachite

The malachite gemstone helps in preventing the eyes from hurting as it relaxes the inflamed nerves inside them. Not only this but it is ideal for relieving the pressure on your eyes by enhancing blood circulation around them. We recommend you to wear malachite jewelry as this gemstone is used to treat the eyes that are watery and sore. 
  1. Aventurine

Considered one of the best healing gemstones for eyesight or vision problems, aventurine helps in improving your eyesight. If you hold this crystal on the eyelids, it will help in improving your vision. Apart from this, aventurine also helps in repairing the muscles of your eyes, therefore strengthening them. Your eyes are likely to get strained or develop darkened eye bags underneath after a long, hectic day or lack of sleep. This therapeutic gemstone helps in getting rid of these eye bags and takes away the stress from your eyes. 
  1. Lapis Lazuli

This therapeutic gemstone is used to treat common eye-related problems such as watery eyes, pain, soreness and itching. Wearing a piece of lapis lazuli jewelry helps in cellular reconstructing which eventually cures all the problems. It also removes fatigue from your eyes by boosting the blood circulation in them. The best way to use this crystal in order to heal your eyes is by placing it on your Third Eye Chakra while meditating. 

Summing Up!

We are sure that there are other healing gemstones for eyesight or vision problems other than the list of gemstones discussed above. We offer custom-made gemstone jewelry for eyesight or vision problems which will help you combat your eye-related issues. You can browse through our collection and select the gemstone that is best suited for your eyes.
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