Gemstone Jewelry For Ear Trouble

Apart from the seven main chakras, we also possess various small chakras which combine and regulate the core chakras. The chakras for toes to ears, different secondary chakras can treat infections of your ears as well as enhance your hearing ability. Ear infections are caused because of bacteria and allergen present in the auditory tract. Even though it is highly believed that airborne parasites cause most infections in the ears, you can also be sick because of the reverse flow of food from the intestines that can enter the ear ducts. Obviously, antibiotics can get rid of the ear problems almost immediately, but we recommend you also consider natural remedies which will result in wonderful benefits as well as bonus healing too. We have compiled a list of healing crystals for ear problems for you.

Healing Gemstones For Ear Problems

It is an ENT specialist who must diagnose ear infections but in order to be on the safer side, you should add healing gemstones to your routine to avoid the destruction of bacteria. Furthermore, using crystals for ear troubles for a long time can also bring divine haring, known as Clairaudience. In this condition, you can hear the voices of spirits around you.
  1. Rhodonite

If you heard someone who was rude to you recently, your ear chakras are at risk. Rhodonite gemstone is a vital ear chakra crystal as it activates the higher chakras to activate the third eye chakra and begin the healing process. Using this crystal as a patch to ear wash can help you in eliminating the negative influence of hearing anything negative about you. 
  1. Amethyst

Amethyst gemstone is another important Earth stone as its plugs work wonders for ear infections of diverse types. Known to activate the third eye and crown chakras, amethyst can be used by placing it under your pillow to cure ear infections overnight. Amethyst jewelry is also a great treatment for hearing problems as well as infections.
  1. Agate

This light-colored gemstone is known as the stone of strength and it helps in stimulating the higher chakras for healing ear troubles including clog. Agate gemstone has energising properties that also help in removing the toxins effectively from your ears. It can be worn in the form of jewelry to dispel ear infections. 
  1. Amber

From vitality to energy, the amber gemstone is a disinfectant healing crystal, particularly the kind called Baltic amber. Hearing loss is a notable cure that amber introduces by dissolving the allergens as well as lowering inflammations. This beautiful crystal even changes color during absorption of the negative energies caused due to ear infections.
  1. Onyx

Onyx gemstone must be put on the third eye chakra to amplify healing of hearing problems. From SCD to boosting the sensitivity of hearing, this crystal works miraculously on kids with ear disorders. 
  1. Sapphire

From curing imbalance to giddiness and ear troubles, sapphire is ideal for people who suffer from serious ear disorders which may include nausea and motion sickness. Wearing sapphire jewelry is considered perfect for hearing loss as well as any surgeries of the ear.

Wearing gemstone jewelry for ear problems in addition to prescribed medication helps in amplifying the power of your medication as well as balancing your chakras which combat the disease in no time. Take your time, browse through our collection and pick the crystal or a combination of crystals that you think will suit you best.
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