Gemstone Jewelry For Diabetes

In basic terms, diabetes is fundamentally a metabolism disorder. Sometimes, it is also a result of issues with the pancreatic hormone called insulin, which leads to high levels of blood sugar. This is why it is commonly known as sugar or sugar diabetes. It is directly associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. Therapeutic gemstones for diabetes not only deal with the endocrine system but also protects the circulatory system, and bring the chemical imbalances within the systems in line. Crystals are also used to reverse and protect against the side effects that diabetes can result in. The best gemstones for diabetes are citrine, malachite, emerald, ruby and red jasper.

Best Healing Crystals For Diabetes

  1. Citrine

This beautiful crystal is particularly known to be effective and has numerous benefits when it comes to treating diabetes. Because citrine gemstone carries the power of the sun, it is an exclusively beneficial crystal. It provides energy to every level of life. It transfers the vibrations that encourage the healthy function of the metabolism, spleen, pancreas, and the organs of elimination. It stimulates and boosts physical stamina as well as energy levels. Not only this but it also supports the endocrine system and promotes proper metabolism. It also works wonders in balancing the chemical imbalances in the body and is known for helping in reversing degenerative diseases.
  1. Emerald

Emerald gemstone is used for recovery or regeneration. It boosts the ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and assures mental, physical as well as emotional equilibrium. It eradicates negativity and promotes positive actions. It relieves diabetes and has a detoxifying effect on your liver. 
  1. Malachite

It is one of the most effective physical healing crystals, as it contains copper carbonate which gives malachite a vibrant blend of green healing colors. It provides pancreatic support for people with diabetes and assists in releasing the energy of diabetes from your energy field. It is extremely supportive in the digestive system, thus it helps with digesting sugar and making efficient use of its energy. You can achieve the best results by wearing malachite jewelry on your waist.
  1. Red Jasper

This magnificent gemstone has a stabilising effect that allows you to use your energy in a balanced way. It helps in healing by managing positive progress with all kinds of diseases and disorders. It is especially ideal for diabetes as well as the heart. It boosts circulation and promotes positive blood flow.
  1. Ruby

Ruby gemstone helps in the detoxification of the blood and boosts circulation. It helps in stimulating the kidneys, adrenals, and spleen, and with inadequate energy flow as well as circulation in legs and feet. Apart from this, it also helps with weight regulation which is extremely crucial if you have diabetes. 

Apart from the stones mentioned above, there is ade, bloodstone, sodalite, and serpentine which are extremely beneficial in diabetes. Not only this but pink opal, blue chalcedony and chrysocolla work effectively in the regulation of insulin. With the help of this article, you can now analyze which crystal would suit you best. You can also browse through our collection to get yourself the most beautiful gemstone jewelry for diabetes.
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