Mother's Day Jewelry Collection


“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take” – Cardinal Mermillod

No one will ever love you as much as your mother! While you can’t ever be enough thankful to her, you can surely show your love for her and delight her with a memorable gift. This Mother’s Day, when you explore the gifts for mom, choose Gemexi to shop for the most splendid Mother's Day jewelry. Carefully crafted with love and passion, each of our jewelry pieces in the exclusive range of jewelry for moms tells a tale of beauty and emotions! Unquestionably and reasonably enough, compelling jewelry tops the list of most special Mothers' Day gifts.

If you too are looking for the most stunning choices in gifts for Mother's Day, check out our comprehensive collection that includes the following popular choices and yet has got more delightful surprises! 
  1. •    Moonstone heart-shaped drops and studs
  2. •    Moonstone heart-shaped ring
  3. •    Silver heart-shaped ring in natural labradorite
  4. •    Beautiful larimar pendant
  5. •    Abalone paua seashell ring
  6. •    Natural black onyx earrings
  7. •    Moon star spiny oyster Arizona turquoise pendant
  8. •    Lapis lazuli bracelets


We don’t need to tell you that your mother is special. She is the best thing in your life, that only person who stays with you no matter what. The lady who knows when to calm you, when to scold you, when to be your friend and when to behave like a parent. She is the sole person who transforms from one role to another as the need be. The only constant in your life who stays forever close to your heart. 

Even when we grow up and move away from our mothers, the fact that they are just a call away is enough to settle our hearts. It is only natural that on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate our mothers – our caregivers, our support systems. Yes, that’s the day Mother’s Day is celebrated every year. 

Over the years Mother’s Day celebrations have assumed a lot of significance. As we lead busy lives, it is these special days that give us a chance to show our love for our near and dear ones. But how do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What can you do to make her feel special? Which are the most special gifts for mom? Where can you find the most special jewelry for mom or the perfectly customized jewelry gift for mom?

At Gemexi, you will find answers to all these questions. 

Buy Handmade Jewelry for Mother’s Day    

Jewelry is something that you can always gift your mother. They are timeless, elegant pieces that will always look good on your beautiful lady. While there are many options in jewelry for Mother’s Day that you can explore, if you want to make it special, we suggest you go for something handmade as handmade jewelry is unique in itself and makes for perfect gifts for Mother's Day. 

Handmade jewelry are special because they have been made by artisans who have been in the business of jewelry making for years and know what difference intricate detailing can make to any jewelry item. From rings to earrings, pendants to bracelets, everything you see on Gemexi are lovingly handmade. 

Wholesale Mother’s Day Jewelry    

Our special Mother’s Day jewelry is available wholesale. All you need to do is place a bulk order and we shall roll out our special discounts for you. Whether you have a small trinket store in the neighborhood or want to expand your existing jewelry store, you can shop for Mother’s Day wholesale jewelry items only here. We have the best Mothers' Day Gifts reserved for you. 

All you need to do is browse through our wholesale Mother’s Day jewelry collection, check out the gemstones you want on the Mother's day jewelry gift and simply place the order. We shall do the rest. From diligently hand-packing them to sending them off immediately to ensuring that they reach you quickly, we do it all. In between (or even afterward) if you have any questions, simply get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

Shop the Most Beautiful Mothers Day Jewelry Gift at Gemexi

Looking for the perfect jewelry gift for mom? Come, and take a look at our diverse assortment of Mother’s Day jewelry! The most exciting part of our collection is that you will find almost all jewelry forms including beautiful bracelets, fashionable earrings, and unique pendants. Incorporating real natural gemstones like larimar, moonstone, honey onyx, red sponge coral, turquoise, Dalmatian, Thulite and many more other types, each of our statement jewelry pieces in this special range offers limitless beauty and imaginativeness. 

Glance carefully and shop jewelry for mom that best matches her taste and style! We are also open to customizations and ensure delivering you the best-customized jewelry according to your requirements. Pick up the most alluring and excellent quality jewelry for your mother from our online store Gemexi and make this Mother’s Day truly memorable and happy!
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