Brass Jewelry

Jewelry is an important accessory that completes any look. Wearing the right amount of jewelry not only adds elegance to the dress you are wearing but also elevates its beauty. With so many materials used to make jewelry designs you can always find something that suits your style and comfort. However if you want to steer away from the conventional gold jewelry or gemstone jewelry, maybe it is time for you to explore brass jewelry. Brass is an old metal that has been for long used in jewelry making. You can easily find unique brass jewelry collection that adds glamour, sheen and elegance to your wardrobe. One of the reasons why brass jewelry has been popular for a very long time is because of its resemblance to gold. The golden-yellow color makes it look like gold but is much more affordable than the precious metal. Apart from being used in jewelry making, brass is also used to make decorative items, musical instruments, household items etc.

History of Brass Jewelry

Brass has been for a long time been used in jewelry making and has been very popular too. Brass is primarily an alloy of copper and zinc and their varying ratios gives us different types of brass. Before you decide to buy brass jewelry online, here is a short history of the metal and how it became a popular jewelry item. According to numerous historical evidences, brass and its variations have been found from 500 BC. Its reference has been found in the Bible and other religious texts from the various corners of the world. During the Middle Ages, brass had become a very popular metal and was extensively used. We see the use of brass for jewelry purposed across different cultures. In Myanmar, brass coils are worn by women around their neck as an adornment.

About Brass Jewelry    

Brass is a strong and durable metal but if you are keen on making brass women's jewelry, there are a few things you must know. Though it is a durable metal, it is also very malleable which means that intricate jewelry designs can be carved on a brass plate. The metal doesn’t break easily as it isn’t brittle. However brass jewelry needs care and maintenance otherwise can easily look dull and old. Brass doesn’t rust nor does it corrode. However the metal is likely to develop a greenish layer over time when worn continuously. This happens because of the copper content in the alloy. If you buy brass jewelry, you must be prepared for caring and maintaining it. Ideally you must not wear brass jewelry everyday but should remove it so that your skin and the jewelry item both gets breathing space.

Brass Jewelry Design
Whether you are looking for brass men's jewelry or for women’s jewelry items, choosing the right designs will make a whole lot of difference to how your brass jewelry looks. Brass is ideal for making large statement pieces as they have a stunning effect. The metal can also be used to make minimalistic designs on necklaces, rings, bangles and earrings. If you are planning to buy the best jewelry items made of brass, you should choose brass jewelry Jaipur as they are known for their craftsmanship and quality use of metal.


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