How to Tell If Moonstone Is Real

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  • Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2020
How to Tell If Moonstone Is Real

Many crystal lovers generally end up buying fake crystals, similar to those who want to buy real moonstone jewelry. Many of the sellers sell Opalite and moonstone. Opalite slightly looks like a moonstone, and an unknown person who doesn’t know much about crystal will be unable to spot the differences between these two gemstones.

How to find out the Real Moonstone?

There are minor differences between these two gemstones. Generally, only an experienced jeweler spots these differences. These differences are explained as follow:
  1. The difference in layers: A real moonstone will always have different layers in its structure. This is because it consists of Albite and Orthoclase holding up each other. On the other side, Opalite didn’t include layers and made up of some homogeneous substance.

  2. Appearance: An opalite has minimal variations except for some bubbles in it because it is made up of a synthetic substance, whereas moonstones always have some internal scars, which are also known as centipedes in them. A moonstone will have some inclusion in it, but it will never have a bubble.

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  3. Glow or Shine: Every kind of moonstone will always have some blue sheen in it. Whereas the shine of the Opalite may vary in different shades of light, it changes its color according to its background light.

Real moonstone jewelry

Some other crystals can imitate moonstones perfectly like hecatolite and are not as valuable as real moonstone. Real moonstones have a specific kind of transparency, sheen, or color; an experienced person will easily recognize it. Before buying a good moonstone, you should consult a good, experienced, and reputed jeweler.

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